INTJs as entrepreneurs

As strategists with no love for highly-structured environments, INTJs have a natural inclination towards going the route or the independent entrepreneur.

INTJ entrepreneurs often find inspiration in existing businesses around them and are naturally adept at improving upon existing ideas to suit their own purposes.

Their ability to see far down any given path, to understand probable outcomes and obstacles, make them adept business decision makers, especially where course correction is needed.

Unlike other types, the INTJ entrepreneur’s ability to commit to their goals gives them an edge over many other entrepreneurs as long as they don’t let themselves get swept up in minute details that don’t move the needle.

Data always trumps opinions for INTJs, so they tend to take a highly data-driven approach to business, engaging in keyword research and trend analysis to vet opportunities. However, their private nature can impede their ability to network with others and work as part of a team.

While their competence means they can contribute to many of the daily details involved in running a business, their time is better spent being the mastermind of the overall plan and roadmap of the business. They should use their strengths as early as possible to let go of non-essential tasks by building efficient processes that they can then outsource or automate.

They relish the idea of architecting a perfect system that creates money or value with or without them.

Their weakness, for the most part, relates to their dealings with other people where their private nature and occasional arrogance can create distance between them and other people. This can impact the INTJ’s ability to collaborate with others.

The INTJ’s flexibility lends itself well to starting and succeeding with a variety of types of businesses, but they are especially skilled at finding existing models that they can emulate and improve upon.

“Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

Mark Zuckerberg, INTJ

INTJs’ strengths and weaknesses



Objectively pursues the “best way” to do something, making them data-driven entrepreneurs. They have an eye for whittling out flaws and inefficiencies in ideas and processes.


Resolute leaders who don’t shy away from making key business decisions


Their determination coupled with their organizational skills and foresight help them see their ideas through.



Sometimes dismissive and quick to judge others who can’t “keep up”, they may struggle at managing a group of people.


Private nature can impact their ability to create meaningful connections in business.


The have trouble reading and expressing emotions, which can be affect their ability to build a brand that creates an emotional connection with their audience.

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