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Step 1

Calculate shipping costs

Know your shipping costs, so you can create a strategy that saves money and boosts sales.

Step 2

Plan shipping

Increase shopper trust and sales when you’re loud and clear about key shipping dates.

Holiday shipping calendar

Check out all the key dates for holiday shipping, so you can plan ahead and help shoppers do the same.

Select relevant carriers to save important dates to your calendar

Announcement banners

Highlight shipping dates and special offers as soon as shoppers hit your site.

Use announcement banners to highlight shipping dates and special offers. For example, use a banner to alert customers about free shipping today only.

Step 3

Streamline workflow

Fulfill orders faster than ever with new hardware, software, and services.

WiFi Printer

The Brother QL lets you wirelessly print shipping labels from your iPhone, Mac, or PC without toner or ink.

View WiFi Printer tech specs

Shopify app

Manage orders, shipping, and the rest of your business from the palm of your hand.

Schedule pickups

Save even more time when you schedule carrier pickups.

Step 4

Explore more shipping resources