Shopify Makes Buying on Mobile Easier with Google Wallet


Most traffic to online stores now comes from smartphones and tablets. The problem is that many of these shoppers don’t end up checking out from their mobile device. This can lead to abandoned shopping carts and less orders. That's why we've been working closely with Google to build and integrate Google Wallet with Shopify.

Today, we’re excited to announce that eligible Shopify merchants based in the United States can start accepting payments from customers using Google Wallet.

Google Wallet, a US-only payment option, lets online shoppers securely store their credit and debit cards with Google, allowing shoppers to quickly checkout from all online stores that display the "Buy with Google" button. Instead of typing in their credit card details, billing, and shipping address on a tiny virtual keyboard, they can tap the “Buy with Google” button and quickly checkout using their Google credentials.

Shopify Makes Buying on Mobile Easier with Google Wallet

“Typing shipping and billing information on mobile devices can be a difficult experience, which is one of the main reasons why mobile shoppers abandon their shopping carts. We're working with Shopify, the leading commerce platform, to integrate Google Wallet and make checkout on mobile devices as easy as two clicks.”
— Hana Chang, Head of Commerce Platforms, Google

Improve your mobile conversion rate now by enabling Google Wallet from the payment settings in your Shopify admin.

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