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Best platform to sell tickets

To ensure that you do not get ripped off when you try to sell tickets online, you need to do your research on which ticket selling site is recommended by people who have prior experience of using it. Website such as viagogo, eBay and Stubhub offer free, safe listing services to sell a range of tickets which includes concerts, sports and seasonal events. You need to decide whether you want to sell your tickets online for free or for a premium price. For sites that require payment to list your tickets online, TicketOffices charges a small amount to with your ticket for sale on the website. However, for the price that you pay to sell your tickets online, you will be advertised to a larger audience. Websites that charge their users a listing fee when they want to sell tickets online means that consumers and visitors to the website will deem the listing to sell tickets online is more trustworthy which brings along more potential buyers. If you want to get rid of your tickets and sell your tickets online, this is one of the easiest way for you to do so. The best thing about using websites to sell tickets online is that you do not have to worry about the payment gateways start most of these websites which offers the service to sell your tickets online offer a range of payments including PayPal or directly into your bank account. Sometimes, we buy concert tickets with intention of going and having a great time but something comes up and we are no longer able to make it to the show. I’m sure we have all experienced this. Concert tickets are usually sold out very quickly and it’s not unusual to have people to buy tickets in advance to ensure that they don’t miss out an opportunity to get into the concert. At times, people buy tickets months in advance to secure their place in the show. The fact that people buy this tickets very early makes it difficult to synchronize future plans and to confirm whether they can get into the concert without any disruptions. There are times where we may not be able to attend but we have already purchased the ticket. Thankfully, there are people out there who haven’t got a ticket and is looking for one. In this article, we have compiled several ‘dos and don’ts’ when you want to sell your unwanted concert tickets online.

Online store for tickets
Online store for tickets

Research the ticket selling price

Chances are, you are selling your tickets months after you have bought the ticket. When you sell your tickets, you must know the selling price of the ticket so that you will gain from selling the tickets instead of selling it for the exact price that you previously bought it for. If it is nearing the concert date, the price when you want to sell the tickets online may have changed since you have purchased them. Prices of tickets are important to determine when you want to sell your tickets online. The ticket rates change a lot in the run-up to a concert depending on the demand of fans. If you buy your ticket very early and you want to sell your tickets now, you may be able to sell them for much higher than you originally bought it for. You may even be able to make a profit out of selling your tickets online if you buy them for a cheap price or if many fans are looking for an extra ticket. On the other hand, after you have done a research on the price of selling your tickets online, if you are going to make a loss, you still need to determine which price you are going to sell it for which puts you in a better chance of making a sale. One tip to remember when selling your tickets online is to not sell it at the original price that you bought it for. Check out other ticket outlets to determine the price and you can take it from there. Besides using existing website to list tickets online, you can use social media to spread the word about your tickets. It increases the chance of you getting your money back by increasing the exposure of people who know that you are selling your tickets online. You can take on to use social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter because you can advertise that you are selling tickets online to hundreds of thousands of different people. You can also utilize Facebook groups, selling sites and fan pages to advertise the tickets that you want to sell online. Besides, is also advisable for you to check the ‘Event’ page for the concert that you planned to attend at many fans are also searching on these websites if there are any extra tickets available online. Hence, it makes it one of the best places for you to advertise. The easiest way to get discounts or low flight fares is to book early. Even when you compare different airline companies, you will have a lower amount to pay than what you would have two weeks before your trip. Booking two months ahead of time would be the ideal option for you. The amount you save can be put in other travel requirements or simply let you save a little on cash. Get your holidays in advance so that you can make prior bookings. Both booking flight tickets on weekends and traveling on weekends is expensive. If you can avoid both, you will save about $20 or more. Flight charges are cheap from Monday to Thursday and highest from Friday to Sunday. This is because weekends would keep you busy to make bookings. Take out time within the weekdays to do this job. Weekend getaways are common for all, which is why the flight charges are at its peak during that time. It is best to travel on Wednesdays as you would get low airfares for that day. However, if your holidays are only limited to weekends, you would have to depend on booking early only.

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