8 Essential Apps for Shopify POS That Make In-Person Selling Easier Than Ever

Apps for Shopify POS | Shopify Retail blog

So, you’ve taken the leap — you’re set up with a mobile point-of-sale system to make it easier to sell anywhere.

Shopify POS and its accompanying Retail Package offer a bevy of great features and capabilities built right in. But you can also extend the flexibility of this mobile POS with the help of a few key apps.

After scouring the Shopify app ecosystem, we’ve rounded up some of the top-rated apps that can make in-person selling that much easier. From loyalty programs to referral systems to automated invoices, these apps can enhance the abilities of Shopify POS while also automating or streamlining everyday retail tasks—making it truly the best retail POS setup.

Ready to read up on them? Here are our top picks for merchants to consider.

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Apps for Shopify POS, LoyaltyLion | Shopify Retail blogPurpose: Loyalty program

Cost: Free

When it comes to keeping your customers coming back for more, a solid loyalty program is one of the best tactics for retailers. That’s why LoyaltyLion is one of the top-rated apps in this category. Supporting all Shopify plans and products, LoyaltyLion is a free way for retailers to create a loyalty plan that works for their business.

Order Printer

Apps for Shopify POS, Order Printer | Shopify Retail blogPurpose: Print templates

Cost: Free

While most retail processes no longer require paper, when merchants ship out products, inevitably there are some printed pieces necessary to communicate with customers. Whether it’s packing slips or shipping labels, retailers need to be able to print these quickly and seamlessly.

That’s where the Shopify-created Order Printer app can help. Order Printer ensures that it’s easy to print branded packing slips, shipping labels, invoices, and receipts — and you can print them in bulk if needed, to save even more time.


Purpose: Invoicing

Cost: $9-$49 per month

When it comes to making the most out of your time, automation is one of the top ways you can spend more time focused on actually running your business. That’s the thinking behind Sufio, which gives retailers the ability to automate much of the invoicing process — and the attached tedium of all that data entry. Merchants can set up their system to automatically deploy invoices or receipts whenever an order is made, fulfilled, or paid. And built-in features like payment reminders, cash receipts, and thank-you notes make staying on top of your payments easier.

Gift Reggie

Purpose: Gift registry/Wish list

Cost: $5-$40 per month

If your ideal customer would love to create a registry with your products (i.e. a wedding or baby shower registry), then Gift Reggie is the app for you. With a one-click installation, Gift Reggie automatically takes on the look and feel of your store — which means merchants won’t need to spend much time on setup. When a customer creates a registry or wishlist on your site, they’re also signing up for a Shopify account with your store, giving you access to valuable customer data.

Wholesale Pricing

Apps for Shopify POS, Wholesale Pricing | Shopify Retail blogPurpose: Tiered pricing

Cost: $24-$49 per month

For merchants who sell their products in bulk, or who want to offer multi-item discounts, then Wholesale Pricing is a viable solution. Offering wholesale pricing or bulk discounts to only specific customers can sometimes be tricky, but this app has it down to a science. With the ability to set custom percentage discounts or prices by product variant and easy integration with many inventory management apps, Wholesale Pricing makes bulk buying (and selling) far less complicated from a back-end perspective.


Purpose: Upselling software

Cost: Free

Every interaction a brand has with a customer is another opportunity to sell your product. And Spently is an app that aims to help merchants turn more of those regular communications into a chance to upsell.

Spently allows merchants to better customize those basic Shopify notification emails (i.e. Shopify POS digital receipts, order shipment notification, order invoices, etc.). Add personalized discount codes, product recommendations, and custom follow-up emails into your email templates, then track their engagement and conversions.

Better Reports

Purpose: Data/analytics/ROI measurement

Cost: $19.90-$499.90 per month

Making those sales is only one integral piece of the retail puzzle — merchants also need to track and measure the effectiveness of their efforts. That’s where Better Reports comes in. As a reporting app built specifically for Shopify, Better Reports helps retailers build more customized report and access data that can help them make more informed business decisions.

Whether a merchant needs to track their best-selling products, the vendors with the top-selling products, closely monitor orders waiting for fulfillment, and/or sales per discount code, Better Reports offers some great customized data options for high-impact analytics reports. And the drag-and-drop report builder keeps the app as user-friendly as it is comprehensive.

Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers | Shopify Retail blogPurpose: Promotions/discounts

Cost: $19-$99 per month

For those merchants who use discounts and freebies as a major pillar of their marketing and sales strategy, consider Ultimate Special Offers. Inputting discounts and promotions can sometimes get tedious, but this app works across your Shopify ecommerce site and Shopify POS.

Using this app, merchants can offer customers a variety of common promos, like buy one, get one offers, bundles, item credits, free gifts, and upsells/cross-sales. Ultimate Special Offers provides a robust and diverse offering of promotions, so it’s simple for retailers to experiment.

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