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Put your to-do list on autopilot

Automate ecommerce campaigns and flash sales

Introducing Launchpad

Work less, sell more

Campaigns, product releases, and flash sales are the lifeblood of high-growth ecommerce. Unfortunately, planning and executing major events involves a host of manual, repetitive, and disjointed tasks.

All nighters don’t scale, and optimizing performance in real-time is nearly impossible.

Launchpad is an exclusive tool to automate ecommerce campaigns and flash sales. Schedule, monitor, and manage everything in one place. Now, you and your team can rest easy knowing Launchpad is awake.

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Simplify execution

Reduce time spent and risk for error

Launchpad takes the stress out of flash sales and makes running events easy. Schedule your to-do list before the big day and take the guesswork out of driving revenue to your store.

  • Schedule products and promotions to publish across multiple sales channels
  • Create preset discounts on specific products or entire collections
  • Design campaign themes and set them to update automatically
  • Slate your changes to roll back when the event ends
Brittney Bowles, Director of Marketing and Ecommerce at Frankies Bikinis

“It’s great that we can rely on Launchpad to schedule what needs to be done during normal business hours and roll it all back automatically. I trust Launchpad to handle everything.”

Brittney BowlesDirector of Marketing and Ecommerce at Frankies Bikinis
Use Launchpad to automate ecommerce campaigns and flash sales

Drive conversion rates

Deliver a better customer experience

By enabling you to automate ecommerce campaigns and flash sales, you get complete and simplified control over the front-end experience. Design campaign themes to highlight your products and put them front and center. Make it easy for customers to find new inventory, special discounts, or exclusive sales.

“We schedule everything during normal business hours and Launchpad does all of the work for us automatically. This is why Launchpad is our savior.”

Brittney BowlesDirector of Marketing and Ecommerce at Frankies Bikinis
Launchpad’s dashboard lets you monitor ecommerce campaigns and flash sales in real-time

Monitor in real-time

Optimize before, during, and after

Understanding your sale’s performance is vital. You want to know your top-selling products, visitor and transaction numbers, acquisition channels, and conversion rates. Minute by minute.

Launchpad delivers all this and more, allowing your team to align and work together during events as well as after to optimize for the future.

“It’s like NASA’s command and control center. The live reporting is amazing. It’s a one-stop-shop that offers everyone the same view and keeps us all on the same page.”

Chris TranEngineer at 100% Pure

What are some of the ways Launchpad can automate your business?

  • Increase revenue

    Publish Shopify Scripts to increase average order value

  • Drive urgency

    Set limited inventory levels prior to the sale starting

  • Optimize performance

    Track analytics with real-time dashboards

  • Go multi-channel

    Automatically list products on multiple sales channels

“The more we automate the more money we save. Automation is going to play a big role in our future. It’ll allow us to focus on being merchants and growing the business instead of the repetitive tasks that slow us down.”

Chris TranEngineer at 100% Pure

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