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Cost savings

Increase cash flow

Get through these challenging times by considering cash flow management strategies, like offering gift cards, discounting underperforming items, or securing funding through Shopify Capital and government relief programs.

Automate and save costs

What is ecommerce automation? Save costs and focus on what matters by using Shopify Flow: our built-in automation platform that helps you streamline manual tasks and processes across your stores and apps.

Logistics and inventory management

Be more efficient

Choosing the right 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider will likely be the biggest decision your business will have to make this year. Learn how to select the right fulfillment partner in a pandemic.

Offer local delivery and curbside pickup

Flatten the curve, while getting products into the hands of your local customers. If you can drop off orders, create a local delivery option only visible to customers who live in that zone. Brick and mortar retailers using Shopify POS can offer customers in-store or curbside pick up for online orders.

Increase conversion

Focus on foundations

Now is the time to focus on getting back to commerce basics. Quick wins include turning on Shop Pay for up to 18% higher conversion rates, using dynamic checkout buttons so customers can reach checkout faster, and activating Shopify Payments combined with multiple currencies and languages to diversify sales across regions.

Add video and 3D models

Customers are almost 30% more likely to purchase after interacting with a 3D or AR experience. Bring your product pages to life with built-in support for 3D models and video.

Bring in-store experiences online

Recommend products

Replicate the experience of working with an associate in-store with product recommendations. Make product discovery faster and easier for your customers.

Connect with your customers

By adding live chat and messaging apps to your online store, you can easily provide a personal, human service experience without the in-person element.

Strategy and insights

Shift your marketing strategy

The changes you make to your marketing strategy today can provide real, long-term value over time and position your business for further success. Learn how to tweak your digital marketing strategy in light of COVID-19.

Get through the recession

Research indicates 41% of ecommerce businesses have done nothing to prepare for an economic crisis. But there’s lots that leaders in commerce can learn from savvy direct to consumer brands that thrived through the last Great Recession.

Inspire your team

Get inspired by speaker, writer, and former Yahoo executive, Seth Godin, as he shares his thoughts on tribes, leadership in crisis, and running the perfect zoom meeting.

Communicate in a crisis

It’s more important than ever for businesses to avoid messaging that comes across as tone-deaf or exploitative. Get some tips on how to create community and show empathy in a variety of empowering ways.

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