Co-op Commerce

Mill Valley, CA, USA Business Est. 2020

co-op is a powerful community of brands that work together to drive collective growth (outside of Facebook, Amazon, and Google) using advanced partnership technology. Our post-purchase cross-promotional network helps shoppers discover new things they love and gives shops added merchandising distribution. Once a customer checks out, co-op intelligently matches them with other complementary products they’ll love, either from the same brand or from one of their partner brands within the network.

Partner since

October 2021



co-op is an absolute no-brainer for Shopify brands. Implementation takes 10 minutes -- and from there it's all passive incremental revenue!

Dan McCormick, Head of FinanceParade

co-op is one of our best performing acquisition channels in 2021 and we will continue to scale with them.

Josh Kim, Performance Marketing ManagerMade In Cookware