Holiday ecommerce tools

A happier holiday is here

Stressed out? Snowed under? There’s a better way to tackle retail’s peak season and we have the tools to prove it.

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Black Friday strategy

Plan to put your mind at ease

Whether you’re just starting the perfect plan or you’re already in the thick of it, there’s no wrong time to pick up this playbook. Packed with insights and strategies from over 50 high-growth retailers, this guide will help make you a better retail planner.


Retail seasonal calendar

Make a list of dates. Check it twice.

A calendar designed to help you capture the most popular and profitable dates of the year, so that you never miss an important holiday marketing opportunity again.

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Jesse Phillips
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Brian Nolan
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Chad Rubin
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Michael Chachula

Holiday strategy webinar

Build your brand’s best holiday

A webinar to help you better handle the holiday rush. Retail Dive and Shopify Plus experts share how to optimize your site and create a strategy for maximum holiday performance.

Platform evaluation guide

Evaluate if your platform is the holiday miracle it should be

Is your platform cutting edge—or just cutting it? Learn how to assess your existing platform, ask for what you need, and find the right platform partner.


Get in front of the holiday rush

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