Why Web Development Agencies Choose Shopify and How You Can Begin Your Journey

2021 has made maintaining an online presence a need more than a choice, especially for eCommerce businesses. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar store or run an Instagram shop, having a solid online store can be the key to unlock massive revenue and business growth.

Setting up an online business and ensuring all functions work seamlessly together can be a monumental task, especially if the merchant does not have skill-sets like web development, plugin creation, or design understanding.

Enter Shopify—an all-in-one place to find Shopify-experts, and get your online store up and running in no time.

With our Do-It-Yourself model, merchants can create an online store of their dreams with all necessary integrations, features, and assistance needed to make their eCommerce business a success. 

In the last fifteen years, Shopify has helped thousands of businesses move to the digital space. What started as a practical, easy-to-use online store quickly pivoted to an end-to-end solutions provider to anyone who needed online real estate to sell their products. Not only this, but Shopify has also become the source for many eCommerce-related jobs and agencies across the world.

Why Shopify?

Shopify has a solid Partner Program comprising two pillars:

1. Services Ecosystem for freelancers and agencies 

2. App Development Ecosystem for freelance web developers


Both ensure merchants can focus on making their product better and running their business while they leave store development and management in the hands of Shopify experts.

If a merchant needs help with web design, digital marketing, or setting up the store, among other things—the services ecosystem is built to take care of that.

This services and developer ecosystem covers the merchant's needs, making it a win-win for both them and the service providers.

As of today, with their solid integrations and efficient technologies, Shopify has more than 1.7 million merchants who are selling to customers spread across 175+ countries.

Shopify Partner Program: The What and How

Over the last decade, Shopify has seen thousands of developers from India working with merchants based out of the US, UK, Australia, and many other parts of the world. 

With over a billion dollars in annual revenue, the platform continues to grow bigger and stronger as we introduce a host of new features and product updates for merchants and service providers to leverage and enjoy.

The Partner Program is not just built for providing excellent services; it also gives employment and the opportunity to work with eCommerce businesses from every part of the world. 

The platform is constantly looking to add freelance web developers, designers, and marketers to their roster who don’t just have technical skills but also the passion for bridging the gap between where a merchant is and where they want to be.

If you fit the bill, we would love to have you in our ecosystem.

"We started with an 8 member team 9 years ago and today we are at 30+ members. With Shopify’s Partner Program, we’ve built over 1000 stores and launched 12 public Shopify apps that have a user base of more than 25,000 users across the world.
Shopify's amazing ecosystem helped us work with brands all over the world and we are now offering services across 10+ countries. It also allowed us to create job opportunities for young talent in the city of Indore."
- Amit Porwal, the founder at Experts Village Media.

Whether you're an eCommerce agency just setting out into the business world or a freelance digital marketer—there’s a place for everyone in the Shopify ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs

Running a business and managing end-to-end operations is challenging, and eCommerce business owners might not always have the time to manage the store as they want.

As a Shopify Partner, you can help bridge the gap between aspirations and execution to work with the best of brands across the world. As you move forward, you can also get listed on experts.shopify.com—a space for merchants to hire the best-in-class experts for their Shopify-related projects.

A great example is Clove Code, founded by CEO Vikrant Sharma. He started as a freelancer and grew his brand tremendously after getting listed on the experts' list.

"I went from being a part time Shopify partner, to leaving my full time job and becoming a full time freelancer in 1 year. In the following year I became a Shopify Expert and now run a small agency with my freelancer friends. The Shopify Partner program helped me become a job creator and build my own future." says Vikrant, Founder at Clovecode.com

As Shopify’s presence grew, so did the diversity and number of experts on the platform. These experts then grew along with the platform in both legitimacy and wealth. They assist in everything, including design, development, strategy, branding and growth marketing. Thousands of such experts work on the Shopify platform for clients as big as Kylie cosmetics, Raymonds and Gymshark.

They all started somewhere in their journey towards success, and if you have a similar vision, here’s how you can get started on yours:

Why should you choose Shopify?

  1. Massive growth, exposure, and pool of opportunities: This isn’t a one-time deal with a one-time client. The number of clients you can work with or refer to Shopify is unlimited. 

  2. Lifelong Mutual partnership: Apart from your service fee, you earn an additional 20% commission on the merchant's monthly subscription fee. This is a monthly payout till the time the merchant remains a Shopify customer.

  3. Easy-to-learn tools: Shopify provides all the tools you require to deliver your best work. With an extensive application and plugin store, unlimited test stores through the Partner Dashboard, and a resource center with guides, tutorials, and API documentation—we provide all the help you need to become better at your craft, get more clients and grow your business while helping others to build theirs on the platform.

  4. Join a vast community: The Shopify Partner ecosystem has grown over 45K service providers in 2020, generating a collective revenue of over $12.5 billion which is only increasing with every passing day. They’re not just service providers but a strong-knit community that’s been in the same place as you and is willing to help you out every step of the way.

Calling all passionate freelance web developers and agencies

Today, Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms providing an entire ecosystem to merchants for managing their online business with platform experts, round-the-clock assistance, and class-apart features.

Shopify is not just a solution provider; we’re a family who cares about each merchant and partner on board. We share a collective vision of making shopping a memorable experience for customers while getting businesses the attention they deserve and talented service providers the exposure they need.

Do you see yourself as a part of this family? We would certainly love to have you!

What next?

Let’s get you on board!

STEP 1: Sign up on the Shopify Partner Program.

STEP 2: Create a stellar website for your business (if you don’t have one already) and add a remarkable landing page listing all the Shopify services you offer.

STEP 3: Start getting active in the Shopify Community. Join different community groups like Shopify global community, Shopify Partners Facebook group, Shopify India Partner group.

STEP 4: Start looking for merchants who want to build their online business and have products to offer. Help your neighbourhood store owners, friends, and family to start selling online with Shopify.

Need help? The community is here to help you!

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