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You Can Now Build a Complete Ecommerce Store On Any Website or Mobile App

You Can Now Build a Complete Ecommerce Store On Any Website or Mobile App

Shopify buy SDKAt Shopify, we believe that entrepreneurs should be able to sell wherever their customers are. In our mission to make that a reality, we’re proud to announce three new SDKs to help you enable merchants to sell their products everywhere online.

These Buy SDKs provide you with everything you need to implement core features of the Shopify platform inside your own or third-party applications. From embedding selling capabilities into any website, to building an entire native mobile experience, commerce is now possible everywhere.

With growing consumer demand for immersive shopping experiences outside of the online store, the Shopify merchant community is looking to our partners for their expertise and skill to create the next generation of commerce. We’re excited to see what you’ll create.

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Sell on any website with the Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK

Merchants no longer need to migrate their website to take advantage of all the features and security that comes with Shopify. With the JavaScript Buy SDK, you can add commerce functionality into any website or JavaScript application, extending the merchant storefront beyond Shopify’s hosted solution.

The JavaScript Buy SDK is a simple JavaScript library that allows you to work with products, carts, and checkouts from any Shopify Store. You can retrieve product and collection data by inserting a single script allowing users to add products to a cart and checkout.

This enables you to offer a seamless commerce experience for customers everywhere. It’s also an effective solution for merchants using complex content management systems and needing to quickly integrate commerce functionality, or wanting to experiment.

The new SDK not only gives existing Shopify developers the opportunity to enable commerce outside of Shopify’s hosted solution, but it also opens up the world of commerce to new developers who may have never worked with Shopify but are familiar with JavaScript.

You can start building with the Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK today — check out our JavaScript Buy SDK documentation to access everything you need to get started.

Sell through mobile apps with the Shopify iOS and Android Buy SDKs

Over the past few years, consumers have increasingly moved towards mobile devices when interacting with brands online. At Shopify, it’s important for us to give our merchants the solutions they need to sell wherever their customers are, and to give our partners the tools to create those solutions.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be releasing enhanced versions of our iOS and Android Buy SDKs this Spring. These new and improved SDKs will offer you everything you need to start developing native shopping experiences across the most popular mobile devices among consumers. 

Here are some of the most exciting features you will be able to take advantage of:

  • Android Pay — With the release of these new SDKs, you’ll have the capability to develop native mobile commerce experiences that allow customers to shop and securely checkout using Android Pay, in addition to Apple Pay. By including this payment option in your client’s mobile apps, you’ll enable merchants to offer simple and convenient checkout experiences for Android users.
  • Customer login — Provide customized experiences for return customers by saving user login data. This data will not only allow you to enhance user experience by removing barriers to conversion, but you can also use it to create targeted notifications and product displays based on previous actions or purchasing behavior.
  • Mobile UI kit — Avoid building from scratch and streamline your development workflow with access to a comprehensive set of basic template views including collection grids, product lists, and single product views.

Many merchants have already begun releasing mobile apps using our iOS and Android SDKs. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to build, check out these successful stories of stores currently on mobile.

Start building for iOS or Android by checking out our Mobile Buy SDK documentation today.

With the introduction of these SDKs, you now have the tools to enable commerce for merchants everywhere online. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build.

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Strategies for Successfully Defining and Winning Client Projects

Strategies for Successfully Defining and Winning Client Projects

client projects

The topic of how to develop a successful sales process can run deep and wide, with expert advice on everything from how to better position yourself and your company, to how to automate your sales process. Today, one Shopify Plus Expert highlights the best lessons he’s learned after 10 years of experience and roughly 3,000 sales conversations.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • How to break project requirements into groups.
  • Why you should speak your client’s language.
  • How to create a backwards sales cycle.

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A Freelancer’s Guide to Taking a Vacation

A Freelancer’s Guide to Taking a Vacation

freelancer vacation

It's summer, and that means fantasizing about spending days on end at the cottage or beach. But choosing to take a holiday as a freelancer can be difficult, because of one looming fear: how am I going to escape from work?

In the interest of providing baby steps, we’ll walk you through three types of vacations and how to take them:  

  • A working holiday
  • A moderately unplugged getaway
  • And a full-fledged vacation

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How Accessing the Partner Ecosystem Can Help You Grow Your Business

How Accessing the Partner Ecosystem Can Help You Grow Your Business

Becoming a Shopify Expert

One aspect of growing a web design or development business that’s often overlooked, is building relationships within the Shopify Ecosystem. That’s why we sat down with Shopify Experts and Plus Partners, and asked them how they approach their successful two-way relationships with Shopify. They reveal why it’s important to bring the same professionalism and value to your status as a Shopify Expert as you would to any client project.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Actionable advice on starting a two-way relationship with Shopify, and how it helps you grow your business.
  • What makes a solid Shopify Expert profile, and how small tweaks can attract more leads.
  • Best practices for marketing yourself as a Shopify Expert.

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