Magento to Shopify: How Ecom Ethos Migrated The Label Life

After facing multiple challenges on Magento and trying to troubleshoot them, Ecom Ethos migrated their client, The Label Life, to Shopify. The transition was butter-smooth, results were tremendous, and the client and development team—as happier and satisfied as ever.

The Label Life Co-founder Yashika Punjabee on migration advice for eCommerce stores, says:

Best decision you’ll ever make. You will sleep better at night

Talking about the agency, Ecom Ethos is a D2C agency working with growing brands to help them with a world-class eCommerce setup. They build complex integrations, workflow automation and help the brand make the most out of Shopify.

Being a Shopify Partner, the agency has a high demand for its services and no longer look for external opportunities. They get consistent leads from the Shopify Experts Marketplace and work with leading D2C brands in a fast-paced environment. The platform enables them to focus on revenue-generating activities for their client’s business while most of the maintenance and repetitive tasks are taken care of by Shopify.

Through the constant effort and hard work of Ecom Ethos team members, available resources by a self-sufficient platform like Shopify and a helpful community, they have successfully delivered high-quality services to their clients.

Not only are the clients at The Label Life happy with the migration, but the results also speak for themselves—experience has increased Add-to-cart by 12%, time spent per customer has increased by 30 seconds leading to more sales, and 5-star feedback for shopping experience has become consistent.

Here’s how Ecom Ethos helped the brand achieve this:

About The Label Life

The Label Life is India’s first D2C brand retailing elevated lifestyle essentials styled by industry experts such as Sussanne Khan, Malaika Arora and Bipasha Basu for the urban Indian woman.


According to The Label Life, before moving to Shopify, the brand’s online store was facing some significant issues with Magento. Here are some of them:

  • Reporting was major trouble with discrepancies and misread data. Often, it would not align with Google Analytics and the Magento Content Management System (CMS) insights, which made it hard to invest faith in the platform.
  • Adding new features to the store was a hassle involving months of planning and usually caused the website to break leading to unexpected downtimes.
  • Technical glitches were not solved instantly—the process was slow and far away from agile.
  • Unlike Shopify, Magento did not provide or give references for technical support. Thus, The Label Life had to hire and run a full-time tech team which added to their already long list of responsibilities making the process chaotic.
  • Cloud and database management was not a cakewalk with Magento—the brand had to manage complex tech setup, which eventually led to delays and unexpected downtime causing major loss of business.
  • The store was not very safe, as adding external plugins always carried the risk of opening the website to hacking.

The Pitch: Convincing Stakeholders of the Migration

To migrate The Label Life from Magento to Shopify, Ecom Ethos required a deep understanding of the brand and the online store’s current state while working with the stakeholders to define the ideal future state.

Ecom Ethos showed the brand the success they’ve seen with similar projects, which built confidence and led the way for the migration. Further, they also gave a Shopify trial and took them through the process step-by-step to build faith in this decision to migrate.

The decision-makers and teams at The Label Life were convinced of the transition but faced a few challenges along the way. One of the most significant ones was getting the client used to new systems.

However, they quickly glided over this challenge with continuous team training and clear Shopify help documents to smoothen the transition process.

After migrating to Shopify, the agency aimed to launch the store in phases to ensure no comprises on the customer experience and their business, get the team up to speed with the process and features one step at a time. This approach, along with team training, eventually resulted in a successful Magento to Shopify migration. 

Why does Ecom Ethos choose Shopify?

There’s no doubt there are a host of eCommerce solution providers available in the industry. However, there were some key reasons why Ecom Ethos decided to shift The Label Life from Magento to Shopify specifically.

Let’s look at some of these:

  • Agility: With Shopify, Ecom Ethos saw massive scope for improvement and bug fixes. The platform allows stores to experiment with features and other elements, allowing faster innovation, better customer needs inclusion, and an overall immersive experience.
  • Cost: Shopify is a hosted platform, while Magento is a self-hosted one. This means developing on Magento requires you to purchase hosting, take care of the website security and other website elements while Shopify takes care of everything while coming out as an affordable option for their clients.
  • Smooth front end + back end: Ecom Ethos wanted a platform for their client that allowed seamless operations and management on the front end and back end. Development and maintenance are a regular part of running an online store; however, with Shopify, their concerns vanished with flexible and customisable front end and back end.

  • Lean tech resources: Since Shopify is an ecosystem more than a platform, it has dedicated workflows and processes for teams to follow along with helpful resources to solve problems on the go, without depending heavily on their partners.

Then vs. Now: How did the Challenges get solved?

Ecom Ethos faced a host of challenges for their client at The Label Life when the store was hosted on Magento, but all of those problems got sorted—and saw some spectacular results when they shifted to Shopify.

Jinesh from Ecom Ethos says:

The app features are fabulous on Shopify, and the dashboard and app provide real-time reporting, which is unlike any platform I've seen before and is super helpful in comparing results and consistently devising strategies for overall improvement of brand's store

Besides, the platform is self-sufficient, and neither the agency nor the client has had to hire large tech teams for development or maintenance. 

With no more downtimes or glitches, especially during traffic spikes, The Label Life feels secure and finally has peace of mind. Their store is running fabulously, courtesy of their products, a great job by the Ecom Ethos team, and constant support by the Shopify team.

Success at Shopify; Prominent features that led to achievements

While talking about the migration, Jinesh from Ecom Ethos says,

The Shopify infrastructure is quite stable. You don't need to sleep worrying whether the website will be down or get hacked

Furthermore, he talked about how Shopify is easy to use and makes tech accessible to everyone in the team, enabling them to build better online experiences.

For the agency, here are some Shopify features that helped them get excellent results for their client at The Label Life:

  • The overall browsing experience was slick and smooth, adding to the brand's trendy and effortless USP

Not just the agency but the clients also saw a significant shift in how they could manage the store with Shopify. Since tech issues went down, they no longer saw missing orders or a drop in transactions during sales.

Further, with detailed reporting, they had greater visibility and insights into which products were converting better, thus allowing them to make informed decisions. 

Jinesh from Ecom Ethos says 

What's even better is that the platform is agile, and you can always add features for a stand-apart user experience—all of this made the transition a success story

Lessons from the migration, and a word for agency owners

Magento to Shopify is a large migration, and The Label Life was a migration of millions of customers and orders. The team at Ecom Ethos learned many nuances of both platforms and has enhanced their migration process since then.

They also understood the importance of checklists. The team created internal checklists for each task and went through them to ensure nothing important was missed during the action.

Lastly, here's what The Label Life has to say about the migration:

As an elevated lifestyle brand with celebrity stakeholders and a highly loyal and growing customer base, we are constantly looking to improvise, innovate and be at the forefront of an elevated experience for our website. Shopify gave us just that, while aiding our lean team structure. From security, stability and slick performance, Shopify was the perfect lockdown move for us at The Label Life. Jinesh and the team at Ecom Ethos have deep knowledge of Shopify & extended exceptional support to the team making the transition seamless and successful


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