How to Hire and Train a Shopify Development Team

Starting an eCommerce business is not just about creating a product your audience loves; many other things need to be taken care of—especially an online store. To develop a solid online eCommerce store for your clients which is aesthetically pleasing and serves all functions effectively—you need a Shopify developer. 

More than a million brands trust Shopify for their online eCommerce needs, and creating a store on the platform is one of the best investments your clients can make in their business. As an agency more than a generic developer, hiring a Shopify-specialized developer will allow you to put your client’s store development on auto-pilot.

These developers have extensive knowledge of navigating Shopify inventory systems and creating a seamless checkout experience for your clients. So, if you’re providing eCommerce services, plan to add development to your list, and are wondering how to build a good team—this article will help you.

6 Steps To Hire and Train a Development team

  1. Outline your agency goals
  2. Define the roles, responsibilities and skills required for the team
  3. Set your budget
  4. Identify talent and schedule interviews
  5. Ensure a proper onboarding by outlining culture, goals and expectations
  6. Begin the training process

1. Outline your agency goals

While it’s okay if you don’t have a complete idea about team expectations yet, it’s good to know what you want the developer(s) to do or what kind of roles and responsibilities you want them to take up.

You can create a tentative checklist of your purpose for hiring and building a Shopify development team. Based on your projects and client’s needs, you can reflect into details like:

  • What kind of stores do your clients look for?
  • What kind of functions and features do your clients need based on their business requirements?
  • Are there any significant issues your clients face with Shopify stores you want to address with your services?
  • Based on the agency services you offer, where does development fit the bill, and how do you want to collaborate with the developers here?

These questions can be a great first step to understand how you should shortlist and hire web developers for your team. It will also help you define the ideal team structure as per your agency goals and client requirements.

2. Define the roles, responsibilities and skills required for the software team

Apart from technical knowledge like knowing how to use HTML and JavaScript, there are some other essentials your developers should have:

  • Good communication skills
  • A solid portfolio reflecting the kind of store development you’re working for
  • Testimonials highlighting the kind of value your developers will add to the team
  • Collaborative attitude with a team spirit 
  • Innovative approach towards projects 

Along with highlighting the skills you need in your developers, you also need to define the roles and responsibilities you expect them to undertake. 

Create a detailed job description with job expectations and responsibilities—this will give you an idea about the kind of candidates you should shortlist for interview and hire based on your requirement.

3. Set your budget

Before you move on to the talent scouting and interview phase, it’s essential to outline a budget for the Shopify development team. Based on your agency and client needs, you can either choose to hire a couple of senior Shopify developers or a team of mid-experienced level one, thus your budget also defines the team size you can accommodate.

We always want the best for our business, but that doesn’t mean you look for a developer who doesn’t lie under your budget. To tide over this issue, write down some must-have and good-to-have features and skills you need in your Shopify development team.

This will make it easier for you to look for candidates who have the skills you require and fir within your budget.

4. Identify talent and schedule interviews

Doing extensive research for identifying talent is a need more than a choice to find the right Shopify developers for your agency. 

Settling down for the first person you interview is not the right way to move forward. 

Adding quality developers who understand the know-how of effective software development can significantly contribute to making your projects a success and ensuring maximum satisfaction for your eCommerce clients.

Here are some places you can look for talent:

  • Post a job on boards like Indeed and Glassdoor along with LinkedIn
  • Visit freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr

  • Ask your network for recommendations

  • Look over on social media platforms especially, LinkedIn and Twitter


  • Google some Shopify developer-related keywords to check out organic results
  • Add the job description to your agency website like our partner, Marmeto and share it on your company and individual LinkedIn profiles
  • Check out portfolios on Behance

Once you’ve done your fair share of research, posted jobs, and spread the word in your network—time to schedule interviews. You can work out timings for interviews with the shortlisted candidates. 

Here are some things you can keep in mind while preparing a structure for the interview:

  • Share your agency and client goals to see if they share the same vision. 
  • Tell them a bit about the kind of clients you have and the requirement they generally have to assess if they can fulfil your needs.
  • Talk a bit about the technical knowledge and skills your projects will generally involve. At the same time, assess soft skills as they are an essential aspect of collaborative working.
  • Ask them about their development process, timelines and how they approach a certain project.

5. Ensure a proper onboarding by outlining culture, goals and expectations

Once you’ve hired your chosen Shopify developers, it’s time to give them a warm welcome by introducing them to the rest of the team members and talking about the culture and vision you follow at the agency. 

If you’re wondering how to manage a software development team, the answer is onboarding. Each person who joins your agency should receive a proper brief before they start working to have a clear idea about what’s expected. Here’s what you can prepare for your development team:

  • Onboarding document outlining company values, client expectations, deliverables, timeframes, working process, and other important details.
  • Kickoff meeting to introduce the team with a presentation or an onboarding video.
  • Email and collaboration tool onboarding to set up workflows with a dedicated project manager to oversee the work.

This onboarding is an essential aspect to begin working on the right foot. So, spend sufficient time doing this to set the tone for your collaboration.

6. Begin the training process

Your work doesn’t end once you’ve hired and brought Shopify developers to your agency. To explain the workings of your agency, train your team members for specific services, and familiarise them with the software, processes and workflows you manage—training is essential.

Luckily enough, Shopify has its own training resources, so you won’t have to incur additional expenses to train your software development teams. Here’s what you can use:

  • Add your developer as a staff member to your Shopify partner account, and have them create test stores from the partner dashboard for practice and feedback.

Apart from this, you can always provide training material like blogs, webinars, videos, and credible courses and masterminds which provide valuable insights into Shopify development. To take it a step further, organize frequent team building activities to boost trust between members, and create a holistic working environment.

Whether you’re hiring freelancers or full-time employees, training should constantly enhance their professional growth and your quality of work. By doing so, you won’t just empower them to keep working on their skills but also allow them to provide better work to your clients—which is good for business too.


As an agency, you have many different tasks to handle—from marketing your services, pitching clients, managing client servicing, and providing your end of agency offerings. If you’re an eCommerce agency, hiring a successful software development team to your roster will only enhance your business and make it more appealing to clients.

Rather than providing one or two eCommerce services, you can offer a wide array of services by adding developers to your team and enjoy a large Shopify client base. Remember to hire those Shopify-focused developers who have a mix of technical and people skills.

Use this article to outline your agency goals, hire Shopify developers and train them to provide an excellent experience to your clients. Happy hiring!


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