How Seventh Triangle helped build multi-million dollar D2C businesses on Shopify

Seventh Triangle is an eCommerce marketing consulting firm for some of the biggest Indian direct to consumer brands like Bombay Shaving Company and Pee Safe. Through a journey of obstacles, challenges, and achievements, Seventh Triangle is a $500 million+ and growing Shopify Agency from India today.

The agency comprises a unique bunch of people who don’t follow stereotypical methods or norms set by predecessors. They believe in questioning the status quo, and since all core team members have an entrepreneurial background, they understand the brand from their view. 

As firm believers of data-backed marketing activities, they look at their service offerings from the business perspective to answer one crucial question—are they adding value?

If the answer is yes, we put in our sweat, blood and tears into making the brand successful. Further, we don't work with clients for billable hours; we work with clients for growth and to add value. 

says Prashant Gupta, co-founder at Seventh Triangle

Seventh Triangle’s founders built their first business on Shopify, got their first client on Shopify, and received their first equity capital raise for a website built on Shopify. They are proud to be a Shopify-first agency, and we couldn’t be happier to associate ourselves with such a dedicated agency. 

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into their story to understand where it all started, why they chose Shopify, and how agencies can begin and scale up to their level through Shopify. It’s all in the story, so make sure you sit tight!

How did the Seventh Triangle come into existence?

In 2013 Prashant and Sushant, the co-founders of the Seventh Triangle founded an online marketplace startup called WhiteMango when leading marketplaces in India like Amazon and Flipkart were only selling electronics and books. 

They started with the mission to organise an unorganised segment of ethnic wear and bootstrapped their way up to become a profitable and sustainable marketplace for traditional clothing.

However, this achievement was short-lived as everything turned on its head in 2015—the era of marketplace unicorns in India. Paytm, Snapdeal, Amazon, and Flipkart came into the market and started competing in the same space—the market was soon flooded with venture capitals, and it became unsustainable for them to operate profitably.

Then, they decided to pivot into an independent commerce service provider. Prashant and Sushant went on to join as co-founders—India’s largest fashion jewelry brand. 

They led the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) operations, tech, and marketing to achieve massive scale. Soon, in 2018, raised the first round of PE funding.

With some success under their belt, Prashant and Sushant found few other like-minded team members. All of them today come from entrepreneurial backgrounds with a history of failures and successes. 

The Seventh Triangle is the phoenix story, which came out of their entrepreneurial failure and successes. 

Sushant from Seventh Triangle says:

We are not afraid of failures; we don’t take successes to our head. We look at our merchants, not as clients but brands and businesses who we can help using our experiences in technology, marketing, content and data analytics.

Seventh Triangle believes Direct-to-Consumer or independent commerce companies are not tech companies and should not try to be one. Their USP lies in their products, services, and brand story, which should be the basis of their definition and operations. Tech should be an enabler and not a black hole that sucks most of the founders' time and effort away from their USPs. 

With this, they’ve created an innovative business model for themselves backed with experience and knowledge, which has enabled them to reach the top.

Why Seventh Triangle chooses Shopify over other platforms for their clients

Seventh Triangle’s founders were entrepreneurs themselves and have worked on tech stacks like Opencart, CS-Cart, and Magento for their own products only to realize the most profound fact—if you’re not a tech company, don’t try to become one either. Instead, they focused on core competencies like product, merchandising, marketing and operations.

They believe businesses will always face scarcity in human, financial, or intellectual resources if they don’t focus on key areas and use available resources smartly.

Since Seventh Triangle did not want to reinvent the wheel, they chose Shopify as their go-to resource for tech assistance and support. This allowed them to focus on providing the best services to their clients while their tech needs were supported by the best in the game, Shopify.

Prashant from Seventh Triangle says:

We are of the view that Shopify is a great 'constant' in the entire Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce ecosystem.

The Seventh Triangle team believes that earlier, small businesses and startups faced entry barriers because of obsolete or overly complex web store tech stacks. It was almost impossible for companies to prioritize tech over their product or service. Shopify for them has completely changed this scenario for small, innovative, and smart businesses. 

Prashant goes on to say:

The platform is easy to navigate, and with the ever-increasing Shopify merchant and partner community, it gets simpler to seek solutions for complex problems. The ease to scale, no-dependence aspect, and a range of customization options helped the agency achieve scale and growth for all their customers. 

Shopify stores are scalable and flexible at the same time. Hence, the platform helped Seventh Triangle bring many small businesses to life. They believe many unique and pure companies would have never found their customers without Shopify, and for that, we are truly happy.

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Significant benefits of being a Shopify Partner

Seventh Triangle believes being a Shopify Partner ensures they are “relevant.” 

Often, in the zeal to get agency billable, businesses tend to develop a short-sighted attitude. Having faced it themselves, Seventh Triangle feels it restricts the agency from innovating and challenging themselves, which eventually keeps them in the comfort zone. 

Becoming a Shopify Partner is not easy, and remaining a relevant partner is much more challenging. Through the Shopify Partner Program, Seventh Triangle, like other agencies, has access to resources that can help solve complex problems quickly. This is one of the biggest benefits they have experienced through the program.

Shopify also has a robust ecosystem of applications that have helped many clients improve their operational quality and efficiency—another plus point that makes sticking to Shopify even more worth it.

Access to new and improved opportunities through the Shopify Partner Program

We have been fortunate that the Shopify Partner team has been extremely supportive and motivating. They helped us with Shopify resources and the necessary knowledge base, which helped us technically equip the team to solve complex problems within the Shopify ecosystem. On top of this, Shopify’s team continuously keeps guiding us on upcoming trends and commonly faced challenges in the eCommerce community.” Says Sushant from Seventh Triangle

Since Seventh Triangle has been part of the Shopify Partner Program, they also got the opportunity to become a member of the Shopify Expert Marketplace.

This allowed the agency to interact with global Shopify Merchants and help them with in-store development, customization, and maintenance, which eventually made Seventh Triangle a global Shopify agency.

Being a Shopify Partner means solid credibility. Unlike other agencies, when they approach a prospect or get discovered, being a partner gives them an edge over their competitors. 

Further, Shopify is a community of entrepreneurs and partners with an ongoing sense of collaboration. This leads to concrete referrals and new and high-quality clients.

Primary reasons why Seventh Triangle prefers Shopify over other eCommerce solution providers

Initially, the agency was in the Shopify ecosystem as founders of a Direct-to-Consumer brand. Sushant was leading the D2C businesses and used Shopify stores for development. He made a revenue of around INR 20 Crores over 12 months. 

After this, everyone associated with Seventh Triangle knew Shopify’s capability to scale and remain efficient. When they started the agency, they did not face any challenges, as the Shopify team stood strong as a pillar of support and assistance.

Here are some technical reasons why Seventh Triangle prefers Shopify:

From a frontend point of view, the best thing about Shopify is the standard structure and core operations. This makes the Shopify community forums and manuals highly relevant to all theme development products. 

Developers don’t have to think of new solutions based on the theme every time, which allows for a shorter development time, ease of testing, and code reusability.

From a backend point of view, Seventh Triangle believes there is no other platform like Shopify, which provides API endpoints and webhooks for almost everything—any imaginable backend feature can be developed as a standalone application connected to Shopify. 

The robust and ever-dependable APIs and webhooks allow the agency to create backend solutions in any tech stack depending upon the project’s usage and are never limited by Shopify’s compatibility.

Note from Sushant, the co-founder of Seventh Triangle:

Shopify is pretty much the first choice for any Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce business. So, if you are providing services in the D2C space, you should be a part of the Shopify Partner Program. However, at the same time, remember that Shopify Partner Program is not meant to make a quick buck. Be honest with your clients, focus on and solve their problems and if your client is successful, then you shall be successful.

Projects by Seventh Triangle

1. Bombay Shaving Company


2. Pee Safe


Nitin Panmani, the co-founder iTokri, says:

We are an honest handicraft business operating out of Gwalior and always knew we were doing a good job, but it was only after the Seventh Triangle team collaborated with us that we could see exponential growth. We have almost scaled 2X since Seventh Triangle came onboard in revenue, and our website performance and engagement have increased considerably.

Most importantly, thanks to STC, we are now a completely data-backed company where all important decisions at every level of the business happen on the basis of data intelligence. They are true partners and are part of the iTokri team. We are excited about the growth of iTokri and are sure Seventh Triangle will play a pivotal role in that.

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