Quartrdesign's Journey to Building a Shopify Agency from Working Corporate Jobs

Three first-generation entrepreneurs. A loan of over ten thousand dollars. One passionate venture. Over 150 happy customers, $400,000 in turnover, and 240% year-on-year growth.

That’s the story of Quartrdesign—from a fashion startup to a Shopify partner. 

As thrilling as it sounds, the journey was never easy.

The year was 2017. Working together in a legal tech company, Vigneshwaran, Vaishnavi, and Kumar found themselves on the same wavelength in their shared passion for technology and marketing. The trio was eager to tap into their mutual interests, leverage their years of professional experience, and make a difference with a new venture.

Walking into unknown territory, they spent long nights bringing Quartrinch to life—an online store to sell fashion accessories. After a promising phase of success initially, the company struggled to stay afloat. The gap between earnings and expenditure widened. 

But Quartrinch’s Shopify store became their launchpad to success.

This is their story—from a low-key fashion business to a versatile website development and performance marketing company and a proud Shopify Partner.

About Quartrdesign

Based out of Coimbatore in India, a digital marketing agency, with a complete spectrum of services to help you start and scale your online business, Quartrdesign identifies itself as an inveterate storyteller!

Team Quartrdesign can help you navigate through the digital world with its diverse suite of services—from website design and development to brand positioning and marketing.

With a focus on building a meaningful presence for your business, they promise quality inputs and proven results. The team prides itself on the blend of creative and fresh ideas it brings to the table while securing an increasing ROI curve.

In essence, Quartrdesign has established itself as the one-stop destination for eCommerce business owners to grow digitally and globally.

The Quartrdesign Journey

Launching their fashion accessories store on Shopify was nothing short of a dream-come-true moment for Vigneshwaran, Vaishnavi, and Kumar. But like most things in life, their plans didn’t go quite as expected.

Once their store was active, the trio supervised everything from design to marketing. As customers rolled in and sales increased, their dream turned into a more concrete reality. But their success—although promising—did not seem sustainable. Despite making steady sales, the numbers failed to break even. The situation worsened to a point where the three of them considered going back to their corporate jobs. 

But the decision to return to the 9 to 5 routine would have taken them back to square one—crushing their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Much to their own surprise, an enthusiastic entrepreneur saved the day! They were amazed by the Quartrinch Shopify store and wanted the trio to design and develop a store for their business. From this moment began a completely new adventure named Quartrdesign.

 Quartrdesign’s journey started with building a Shopify store to enable the entrepreneur to fulfill their dream. And it turned into a mission of fulfilling many such dreams that all three of them had seen themselves.

Today, Quartrdesign has helped several businesses reach massive milestones using Shopify platform to create seamless and intuitive eCommerce stores. Some of their biggest highlights have been:

  • Shipping more than 3.5 lakh orders
  • Generating revenue of over INR 50 crores
  • Served over a hundred merchants across four continents
  • Scaling merchants' revenue across 11 industries by three times

From its rocky beginnings to its incredible successes, the journey has been a complete rollercoaster and a true manifestation of the quote, “nothing worth having comes easy.”

Then vs. Now: How using Shopify Platform and being a Partner helped

From a group of 3 to a team of over 20 experts, Quartrdesign has come a long way today.

Leveraging Shopify technology to build more than a hundred eCommerce stores, the QD team has witnessed phenomenal success since its humble beginnings. They combine the experience and expertise of their qualified team members to create optimised eCommerce stores on Shopify.

What started as a mere idea has transformed into a full-fledged and successful venture. The QD team continued to work with their first merchant—who came with monthly earnings of INR 25,000. Today, they clock figures north of INR 3 crores every month and are on their way to become market leaders.

Even in 2020, gripped by the pandemic, QD developed Shopify stores to secure revenue worth INR 50 crores for their merchants, who managed to ship over 3.5 lakh orders while growing three times more.

In pursuing their goal to help small businesses carve a niche for themselves, Quartrdesign now offers more than just eCommerce setup services. They help business owners with an array of services, including but not limited to: 

  • Custom store design: Team QD helps you build an online store with a customised theme to align the website’s appeal with your branding.

  • Social media marketing: Build your brand on social media in an impactful way to suit your target audience thereby ensuring your brand grows in the right channel, at the right moment.

  • Branding and designingBranding and design strategies formulated for a personal, rich and classy appeal via impactful designs.
    • Seamless migration: Make the shift from any other platform to Shopify effortlessly. 
    • Search engine optimisation: Get more visibility and organic traffic to your store through optimisation for search engines.

    In their inspiring journey so far, the founders have expanded their network exponentially while enriching their offerings. Courtesy of their results-driven service approach, where every client has brought more clients, and the company’s growth curve has only steepened since the start. 

    Prominent challenges that shaped the path to success

    They say the road to success is not a path you find but a trail you blaze. In scaling their business by helping other companies, Quartrdesign has had a journey worth remembering.

    While some of the greatest difficulties initially included finding the right clients to work with, the challenges became more case-centric once the team started working with diverse companies. The case of an Irish restaurant, Konokthai—their first international client—exemplifies a key challenge the team faced.

    The restaurant brand wanted the team to create a food delivery app. Working on such a requirement for the first time, Quartrdesign ventured into the F&B space with this project. They made a customizable delivery menu with the option to order from scratch to offer a one-of-a-kind functionality. With this custom-built feature, team QD not only cracked the code for Konokthai but was also ready to help Indian restaurants with a food ordering app.

    Apart from this challenging case, QD has overcome several challenges for merchants on the way:

    • Launching customised and unique integrations on Shopify to help small businesses
    • Finding ways to expand globally and create a seamless interaction 
    • Building resources and workflows to help small businesses grow 

    Shopify Partner Wins: From 0-150+ happy clients

    Quartrdesign’s experience as a Shopify Partner speaks for itself—with over 150 happy clients attesting to their service!

    The team started with small-scale brands offering around ten products. They have flourished enough to deal with both domestic and global brands with a catalog of over 5000 products. In this growth trajectory, they have also expanded the scope of their services. While website customisation is among their strong suits, the team is equipped to handle any development request concerning Shopify technology.

    One of their biggest wins is their keen focus on women entrepreneurs. 70% of their entire clientele is women. They are empowering hundreds of women wanting to start a business online from home by helping them start an eCommerce store, build their brand and market their store. As a Shopify Partner, Quartrdesign has helped them secure a revenue ranging from INR 50 lakhs to INR 3 crore per month.

    Projects by Quartrdesign team:

    1. Urbanitii

    2. Tinge

    3. Vilvah

    Another memorable win in QD’s journey was the social cause project for ThankU Foods. The team collaborated with the India Association for the blind to discuss the website development and marketing campaign for a livelihood initiative for the differently-abled, ThankU Foods. The brand sells sweets and snacks at pop-up stalls in public places. But the pandemic-induced lockdown robbed them of this practice.

    So, the India Association for the Blind now wanted to develop an eCommerce store and publicise it to the masses—to continue these livelihood opportunities.

    Team QD took up this social impact project and developed a seamless Shopify website to sell any products. Sales through the website skyrocketed since the outset! Of the 150+ projects Quartrdesign has delivered in the last four years, this website for ThankU Foods holds a special place in the team’s memories.

    Future at Quartrdesign

    The three founders did things differently since they started growing this company. They followed their gut feeling and sourced talent from India’s less developing tier 2 and 3 cities. Today, the team comprises over 20 talented members supplementing the founders’ passion for technology and marketing.

    In not playing by the recruiting rules, team QD has created a culture of diversity and understanding. They are driven by the idea of hustle—doing more than talking. Their fun and interactive team also aims to make the process equally exciting for the clients in every project. 

    Most importantly, they carry with them the realisation that time is money for every aspiring or successful entrepreneur. So, they strive to cultivate a sense of ownership for every project and meet the timeline unfailingly.

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