Why Zach is Starting a Tea Company?

Course content (6 lessons)

Module 1: The Origin Story for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

01 |Module 2: Product Development for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

02 |Module 3: The Logo Reveal for Zach Kornfeld's Tea Business

03 |Module 4: Instagram Advertising for Beginners with Zach Kornfeld

04 |Module 5: The Business Launch with Zach Kornfeld

05 |Module 6: Supporting Fellow Entrepreneurs with Zach Kornfeld

If you’re here, you know starting a business isn’t easy, and Zach from the Try Guys is learning this first-hand. If you’re not familiar with the Try Guys, you will be soon. They’re a quirky group of experimenters who document their efforts on their ever-entertaining YouTube channel, The Try Guys.

In the latest experiment, Zach decided to start his very own business - outside of his YouTube channel - and document the entire experience for his over 7 million subscribers. Zach isn’t just starting a business for the fun of it, he’s building a business that solves a problem he faces everyday. Living with an auto-immune disease throughout his life, Zach has struggled to be himself, find his energy, and keep motivated. To give him the comfort and the boost he needs, Zach relies on an assortment of teas to help him through his day.

What better product to start with than a product you use everyday. In this series, you’ll see how Zach grows his tea business from scratch for under $500 USD without leaving his apartment. In his quest to deliver tea into the hands of his audience in less than two months, Zach connects with a professor in entrepreneurship and a tea aficionado to guide him through his first steps.

Watch lesson one to see how Zach starts his journey.

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