Save over ₹40,000 this festive season with India’s leading Shopify partners

Diwali & New Years offers from Shopify partners : Customize your online store with exclusive offers on apps, marketing, customer engagement, store-operations, and more.

Marketing automation offers

  • Adyogi free for 30 days

    Build your store on Shopify and get Adyogi free for 30 days. Adyogi is a marketing automation tool that helps DTC brands track funnel conversion, automate campaigns and enhance ecommerce pixel configurations.

  • PushOwl free for 60 days

    Build your store on Shopify and get PushOwl free for 60 days. You also get 20% off on your subscription for life. PushOwl helps you build and manage web push notifications that improve your store’s retention and conversion.

  • ReCart free for 58 days

    Build your store on Shopify and integrate Recart to get 30% off for 3 months, along with a free-trial for the first 58 days. Recart is a mobile marketing platform that helps stores reach their customers on Facebook Messenger.

  • Save upto $600 on Wigzo

    Build your store on Shopify and get Wigzo free for the first 60 days, including unlimited push notifications, 5000 free SMS, 100,000 free emails and 10,000 Whatsapp messages for cart-recovery. Wigzo helps you to build and run multichannel automations across all customer communication channels.

Customer Support offers

  • Save ₹2000 on WhatsApp chat by Softpulse

    Build your store on Shopify and save ₹2000 on a 3 month free-trial on Softpulse’s WhatsApp chat. Softpulse comes with one click integration on Shopify and enables you to connect with your customers on WhatsApp while they are shopping on the store to share products and notifications.

  • Free live chat with Tawk

    Build your store on Shopify and you can access Tawk, a live chat app for free. is a live chat application designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience, enabling multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.

Logistics offers

  • Save ₹2000 with Shipway

    Build your store on Shopify and get ₹2000 worth of credits on installing Shipway for the first time. Shipway is an order-tracking and shipping notification app that helps you provide a better post purchase experience to your customers.

  • Save ₹3000 with Shiprocket

    Deploy Shiprocket as your logistics partner, and get over ₹3000 in shipping credits over 3 months. Shiprocket integrates your logistics and delivery, and lets you manage it through a single platform.

Payment offers

  • Save ₹10,000 with PayU

    Integrate with PayU on your Shopify store and save over ₹10,000 with a 0% TDR on the first ₹5,00,000 of revenue on PayU. PayU serves more than 350,000 merchants in India.

Print on Demand offers

  • Save ₹5000 with Printrove

    Build your store on Shopify and get 50% cashback upto ₹5000 on your first recharge on Printrove’s business plan. Printrove offers print-on-demand dropshipping of t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and other custom products without you having to worry about inventory.

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