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How to start online business in India post COVID-19: The complete back-to-business guide

Save more than 1 Lakh INR with our carefully-curated offers from industry-leading technology, solution and service partners. Get access to free Masterclass sessions from leading e-commerce experts

In its response to the COVID-19 outbreak, India has been under lockdown since March 25, 2020. While it has helped us contain the spread of the virus in our country to some extent, businesses across India are massively impacted by the restrictions on supply chain and logistics.  

But as the government starts to ease out the lockdown rules and regulations, it’s obvious that markets are not going to be the same anymore. Right from how businesses function to how a consumer interacts with them, things have changed, leading retailers to choose the path to digitization. 

Taking your business online with Shopify

At Shopify, we want to make it easier for businesses across India to get back to up after the COVID-19 slowdown. That’s why we have launched an accelerated e-commerce bundle to offer brands and SMBs exclusive offers from industry leading partner solutions, free growth consultation service and on-demand learning sessions from ecommerce experts. This starter bundle has every solution you'll need to set up shop online at minimal costs and scale your business. From marketing solutions & services to payments, logistics and customer engagement tools, we’ve covered it all for you. 

As consumers choose to make online purchases instead of stepping into retail stores, the first step is to take your business online. To get started soon, choose an eCommerce platform like Shopify to setup your online store.

Get started with 14-day free-trial

Need guidance while setting up an online store-front? To get started, access this free on-demand workshop.

While setting up an online store, make use of the below starter bundle, avail exclusive offers to make your monthly billings more sustainable and access free Masterclass sessions to run and grow your online sales. 

Exclusive Offers from Industry leading partners
Payment solutions Logistics Providers and Solutions Marketing tools and services
Omni-channel - Inventory, order and warehouse management solution
Customer support and engagement tools
Lending services
Legal compliance and services

Free Masterclass sessions by leading e-commerce experts 

  • Masterclass on Email Marketing by Shopify
  • Masterclass on Shopify store-setup and getting first 100 sales
  • Masterclass on setting up Analytics by Revtap
  • Masterclass on getting your first 1000 sales by Adyogi
  • Masterclass on optimising paid campaigns by Adyogi
  • Masterclass on using web-push notifications to increase conversions
  • Masterclass on top 10 SEO mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Payment solutions 

    1. Razorpay - Online payments simplified

    Razorpay is highly trusted among Indian shoppers, providing local wallets and payment methods for your Shopify store. 

    The one-click integration between Razorpay and Shopify is built to help Indian merchants set up a secure payment gateway on your Shopify store in no-time. By setting up Razorpay, you can accept, manage, and disburse payments without losing revenue in large transactional fees.

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: Save up to 6,000 INR. Get 100% TDR waiver on the first INR 3,00,000 worth of business and slashed TDR rate of 1.85% on domestic credit/debit cards.

    How to avail the offer: Once you’ve set up your store, sign up with Razorpay using this link and enter the coupon code XKPZ36P highlighted at the top of Razorpay landing page while signing upThe credits will automatically be added to your account. If any issues, reach out to Razorpay support and share these offer details with them.

    2. Paytm - All in one payment gateway 

    Paytm is India's largest and most robust payment gateway stack with the widest payment offerings covering needs of all businesses. It is trusted by millions of merchants across categories.

    The one-click integration of Paytm with Shopify enables you to set-up Paytm payment gateway instantly and accept all your online payments using multiple pay modes securely. 

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: Applicable on new merchants linking Paytm Payment Gateway as a primary option. Growth campaigns will directly be discussed with merchants and customized accordingly. 

    • 100% PG fee waiver on the first 3.5 Lacs worth of business for new merchant sign-ups. Save up to 7,000 INR
    • Paytm will collaborate with top 100 merchants basis first month’s GMV(>5 Lacs) for user growth campaigns on Paytm platform to grow your revenues

    How to avail the offer: Sign-up on Paytm with your Shopify store account details when you start accepting online payments on your website. To avail the offer please fill this form. 

    3. PayPal - Online payment solution

    PayPal is a global payments provider trusted by 325M customers in 200 countries. It enables merchants to offer a faster and safer checkout experience while safeguarding the store through fraud prevention and seller protection. Shopify provides one-click integration with PayPal to help you easily accept online payments from customers all over the globe.

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: Shopify merchants who are linking PayPal to their store for the first time will receive a fee rebate up to 100$. 

    How to avail the offer: You can avail the offer by linking your Shopify dashboard to your PayPal account. Head to 'Settings' and click on 'Payment Providers'. Here, you will find PayPal and you can integrate the payment account. T&Cs can be found here.

    Offer Expiry Date: 13th August, 2020

    Logistics Providers and Solutions 

    1. Shiprocket - India's #1 eCommerce shipping solution

    Shiprocket is India’s leading eCommerce shipping solution empowering 40,000+ sellers in India. They work with over 17+ courier partners like FedEx, BlueDart, and more to deliver across 26000+ pin codes across the country. Recently, they launched their hyperlocal delivery initiative that helps sellers deliver shipments within a 50km radius. You can conveniently manage post-order tracking, undelivered orders, and expedite your pickups with their all-in-one dashboard.  

    Shiprocket’s seamless integration with Shopify allows you to automatically sync all orders from your eCommerce store directly into their panel. You can easily integrate over 12+ marketplaces & shopping cart platforms like Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. to manage orders sync inventory & process orders seamlessly. 

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer:  Save up to 9000 INR by enabling this offer. New users of Shiprocket will receive additional shipping credits worth INR 3000 every month when you recharge your account for 3000 INR for up to three months.  

    How to avail the offer: Once you have signed up with Shopify, create an account with Shiprocket using this link

    Remember these things when availing the offer:

    • Once you are through with creating your account, contact Shiprocket’s support team so they can verify the offer and process the cashback once you recharge for 3000 INR or above. 
    • A maximum cashback of ₹3000 will be given in the user’s Shiprocket wallet once per month on a minimum recharge of ₹3000 or above each month for three consecutive months.

    To integrate your Shiprocket account with your Shopify store, install their extension from our app store.

    2. Delhivery - Courier pickup, delivery and online shipping

    Delhivery is India’s trusted eCommerce logistics company. Offering you access to 18000+ pin codes, the logistics company is known for its timely delivery.

    Delhivery is now servicing Shopify merchants to help you manage your deliveries and simplify your store logistics. The Delhivery app allows you to integrate your Shopify storefront with your Delhivery dashboard. This means that all your logistics and shipping tasks can be managed in one place.

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: Save up to 6000 INR by enabling the offer. Delhivery is providing wallet credits worth INR 1000 every month for up to three months. Stores shipping more than 100 orders per month will receive an additional wallet credit worth Rs.1000 each month.

    The wallet credit will only apply for stores with at least 1 shipment per month. The credits will be sent to your wallet on the 10th of the following month. Credits will be issued in Delhivery Miles Wallet and can be used for shipping only. Promotional credits cannot be redeemed for actual money.

    How to avail the offer:  Once you have signed up with Shopify, create an account with Delhivery using this link. Here are a few details you need to specify during sign-up to be eligible for the offer:

    • When choosing your shipping options, select ‘Business’ to be eligible for the offer.
    • When selecting types of service, choose ‘Domestic Parcel Standard’ or ‘Domestic Parcel Express’.

    If you’ve signed up for this offer before the 15th of a specific month, that month will be considered the first month of the offer. Meanwhile, if you’ve signed up after the 15th of the month, the following month will be the first month of the offer.

    To integrate your Delhivery account with your Shopify store, install their extension from our app store.

    3. Vamaship - eCommerce logistics and shipping

    Vamaship is one of the largest logistics aggregators in India. They work with leading courier partners to provide you with affordable shipping and logistics partners. 

    Vamaship’s integration with Shopify allows you to manage your order shipment and fulfilment within your store’s dashboard.

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: New Vamaship users will be eligible for a flat 7% discount on shipping charges for the first 3 months.

    How to avail the offer: After signing up on Shopify, use this link to create an account with Vamaship. The discount will be automatically applied for the next 3 months. To link Vamaship with your Shopify store, install their extension

    Marketing tools and services

    1. Facebook Marketing - Promote products on Facebook

    Get access to Facebook's tools that will help you grow your business. Shopify's Facebook Channel app lets you create, manage, and track your Facebook ad campaign, without leaving your Shopify dashboard. It willl give you access to Facebook Shops and Instagram Product tagging once it becomes available in India. 

    With this, you can set up effective ad sets, build your audience, and dynamic retargeting ads. Showcase up to 5 products within your ads to interested buyers and convert them easily. 

    Create the most effective Facebook ad types, audience building and dynamic retargeting ads, in minutes. Your product images and information will be dynamically added from your Shopify store to save you time.

    Offer: Free for lifetime offer on Facebook Channel. 

    How to avail the offer:

    Setup your online store with Shopify & Install Shopify's Facebook Marketing app to get started. No coupon code required. 

    Learn more about the app’s setup and features on our helpdesk.

    2. Facebook Messenger Channel - Sell products and offer support on Messenger 

    The Facebook Messenger channel app allows you to set up Facebook Messenger marketing for your Shopify store. With the app, you can sell your products through Messenger chats, reach out to customers easily, and automate order status updates.

    You can also add a ‘Message Us’ button to allow shoppers to start real-time conversations with you while they browse your products.

    Offer: Free for lifetime offer on Facebook Messenger Channel app. 

    How to avail the offerSetup your online store with Shopify & Install Shopify's Facebook Messenger to start selling through this effective marketing channel. 

    Learn more about the feature on the Shopify website.

    3. Shopify Email - Simplify email marketing 

    Shopify Email is an app built for merchants to set up their email marketing efforts and generate revenue through emails. With this app, you can connect with your customers and build lasting relationships. The app provides you with ready-made designs to save time. Customize your template by adding a logo, product images, descriptions, price, and URLs from your store. 

    Besides this, the app helps you understand the performance of your campaigns and optimize it to maximize your click-throughs and increase your sales.

    Offer: Save 30k-50k INR. Free unlimited email marketing until Oct 1, 2020.

    How to avail the offer:

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    You can set up the app and run email marketing campaigns for free. No coupon codes needed.

    4. FreshSales - Manage, track and respond to customer orders

    See how shoppers visiting your store are interacting with different web pages. Don’t let your website visitors slip through the cracks. Every visitor is a potential lead who can become a customer for life. Use Freshsales’ one-click integration with your Shopify store to attract visitors and improve your conversion rates. Freshsales also allows you to segment users based on their behaviour to create personalized marketing campaigns for better engagement. 

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: Get 3 months free on any FreshSales plan. Save upto 20,000 INR.  

    How to avail the offer: Sign-up on this link with your Shopify store details. The FreshSales team will contact you for a product demo, configuration and set up. 

    5. Vizard - Create stunning graphic designs and video ads in clicks

    A brand that does not exist on social media, is missing out on customers. With Vizard, you can automate creatives for social media and digital marketing in one-click. The apps enable you to automatically create videos for ads, image posts and graphics to promote your Shopify store’s products in different formats. 

    Offer: Vizard offers two apps to help your business grow:

    How to avail the offer: 

    6. AdYogi - Automate your digital ads

    AdYogi Marketing app allows merchants to set up automated marketing, providing an optimized return on ad spend (ROAS) The app sets up your Facebook marketing campaign and their digital marketing experts help you plan your strategy to deliver great results from the get-go.

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: New users can set up the app with a 30-day free trial and get a 30% reduction on the basic plan for the next 2 months. This is available for merchants who have more than 100 orders in the last 60 days".

    How to avail the offer: On the Adi Yogi Remarketing app, click on the ‘Add app’ button. Once the app is installed, click on ‘Billing’ on the app’s dashboard. Here you can choose your pricing plan and apply the coupon within the field provided under the pricing plan. Apply the coupon code BTB30 to avail 30% additional discount for 2nd and 3rd months.

    7. Seventh Triangle - Digital marketing and growth consultancy

    Seventh Triangle is an eCommerce-focused growth & risk management specialist agency. They are internet consumer-focussed specialists and their clients have risen from the ranks from being a seller to an omnichannel brand  They have also successfully advised and consulted partner clients to raise equity capital from Angel, VC, and PE Investors.

    Seventh Triangle is helping eCommerce businesses bounce back in shape by providing services for business expansion, digital marketing, store development, growth hacks, UI/UX enhancement, and much more.

    Offer: Save upto 30,000 INR. You can avail free 1-month bespoke marketing and business intelligence services to set up a COVID-19 response strategy.

    How to avail the offer: Book a 30 min consultation call with Seventh Triangle.

    8. Kaleyra - Use SMS and voice services for customer engagement 

    Staying in touch with your customers is important to sail through these times. With Kaleyra's SMS services, you can run, manage and monitor your SMS marketing campaigns from a single, user-friendly dashboard interface. With their "Click-2-Call" voice feature for your store, you can even get in touch with your customers instantly. 

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: Exclusive communication package worth 10,000 INR to Shopify merchants. Package includes: 

    • Messaging credits worth 4000 INR 
    • Voice credits worth 3000 INR + 3000 INR worth voice number
    • Access to complete portfolio of messaging and voice services 
    • 6 months of credit validity from the time of signup 

    How to avail the offer: 

    • Signup and create an account here
    • Fill the form with necessary details
    • Their representative will reach out to you for online KYC
    • Free credits will be assigned to your account

    9. RevTap - Create product and customer segments to optimize campaigns 

    RevTap helps merchants understand their customers and product performance better. With clear customer segments and product analytics reports, the app helps you identify your ideal shoppers and high-performing inventory. It also includes a marketing analytics report to help you identify channels that bring you sales so that you can optimize your budgets accordingly - be it ads on social media, search or email marketing campaigns. Identify opportunities to sell more with clear actionables curated by Shopify experts. 

    Offer: Save up to 10,000 INR. Use the RevTap premium plan for free for 60 days. You can also extend this offer to 90 days by reaching out to their support team after installation.

    How to avail the offer: Install the RevTap app on your Shopify store to get started. No discount code required.

    10. Spin by Revtap - Paid ad campaign consultants

    Need help setting up marketing campaigns to promote your Shopify store? Spin by RevTap offers a free consultation on data-driven strategies to promote your products, deals and discounts to a targeted audience using Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and SMS marketing. Lower your ad spend with expert-designed strategies.  

    Set up your online store to avail the offer

    Offer: Free ad consultation. 

    How to avail the offer: Simply visit Spin by RevTap and schedule a free consultation call with the team. 

    11. PushOwl - Engage customers using web push notifications  

    Website push notifications are a new marketing channel that makes it easier for online shoppers to subscribe to store updates - without sharing their email address. Since it is an underutilized medium, they let your brand reach out to customers and engage them instantly with crisp messages. With PushOwl, you can automate abandoned cart recovery messages and even promotions of your upcoming sales, notifying subscribers at the right time! 

    Offer: Exclusive 90-day FREE trial.

    How to avail the offer: Install the PushOwl app from the Shopify app store. Apply “GROWWITHSHOPIFY” coupon code while selecting a plan.  

    12. Abandon Cart Recovery SMS notifications - Recover abandoned carts with SMS reminders 

    SMS Notification Cart Recovery by Shipway simplifies SMS or text marketing for your Shopify store. Using this app, you can convert cart abandoners into customers and regain your revenue via instant SMS Marketing notifications. Send timely cart recovery messages to bring back shoppers to complete the purchase. 

    Offer: New users can save up to 2000 INR. Receive 1000 SMS credits valid for 3 months and additional credits worth 10$ on your first recharge.

    How to avail the offer: Install the app on your Shopify store and then leave your details on their website here to avail the offer. 

    13. 15+ Growth Marketing Apps Bundle by Expert Village Media - Complete app bundle of marketing apps    

    Once you set up your store on Shopify, you need to equip yourself with smart marketing apps to engage shoppers better. Nudge every visitor to make a purchase from your store with apps that enable you to display product recommendations, create Lookbooks, send back in stock alerts and more. 

    Offer(s): Save upto 5000 INR with this app bundle. Includes Shopify apps offering extended free trials and discounts on paid plans to help you reduce your monthly billing and grow your business. 

    How to avail the offer(s): Set up your Shopify store and install the apps recommended in the bundle using the coupon codes mentioned on the link

    14. ModeMagic - Product labels, badges and stickers 

    With ModeMagic Shopify Store Owners now do not have to look for expensive designers or clunky image editors to highlight sales, offers, discounts, new arrivals and more in your Shopify store. Create credibility, urgency and FOMO to help shoppers make faster purchase decisions - which leads to faster conversions and more sales. 

    Offer: Free design upgrades over 90 days exclusively for Shopify Store Owners in India. Receive 50 free design credits for use across your store anytime during the first 90 days of app usage.

    How to avail the offer: Install ModeMagic to get started. Use coupon code BACKONLINE50 in the "Buy Credits" section of the app. For step by step process, do read the help note on "How to apply coupon code while buying credits".
    Learn more about the app’s setup and features on our helpdesk.

      Omni-channel - Inventory, order and warehouse management solution

      1. Unicommerce - Omni-channel management solution

      Unicommerce is a market leader in the eCommerce enablement space simplifying eCommerce operations for 10,000+ Brands, Retailers, and eCommerce Merchants. 

      Unicommerce providers 100+ integrations across local and global marketplaces, Logistics Providers, and ERPs & POS systems along with significant solutions such as Order, Inventory, Returns, Warehouse, Omnichannel Retail management resulting in exponential business growth and improved unit economics.

      Offer - Save upto 10,000 INR. Get 50% extra credits or 10,000 INR credit points whichever is lower on your first sign-up value

      How to avail the offer: Install Unicommerce App On Shopify. Extra /Free Credits will be issued in the consecutive month or end of the same month.

      Looking to scale and simplify your e-commerce business? Register now for Saral by Unicommerce that brings 500+ eCommerce Sellers, Brands, and Retailers on a single platform.

      2. Easy Ecom - Omni-channel management solution 

      As you take your business online, order and warehouse management becomes important. Easy Ecom is a leading provider of omnichannel inventory and warehouse management solutions. They provide a one-click integration with Shopify to enable merchants to: 

      • Centralize inventory and order management across the website, Amazon, Flipkart, etc 
      • Automate shipping and tracking across all major courier partners 
      • Manage accounting and payment reconciliation along with integration with ERPs like Tally, SAP, Microsoft Navision etc 
      • Effectively manage enterprise-grade warehouse including intelligent order routing to optimize shipping cost and increase customer satisfaction with early deliveries 
      • Automate stock planning and transfer order creation for individual warehouse including integration with FBA 

      The order and warehouse management solution is currently being used by top brands like MamaEarth, WoW, Borosil, Wonderchef and others. 

      Set up your online store to avail the offer

      Offer: Save 9,000 INR and above. Get 3 months of a free trial or process 1000 total orders for free through the platform. Also, get 30% cashback on all paid plans on the first recharge. Offer valid for new EasyEcom users only (terms and conditions applied). 

      How to avail the offer: Once you have signed up with Shopify, create an account with Easy Ecom using this link. The free trial will be automatically updated. If you recharge your account, the cashback will be credited automatically. Once you have signed up with Easy Ecom, you can follow the steps outlined in this doc to integrate Easy Ecom with your Shopify store.

      3. Ezyslips - Shipping automation solution

      In today's time, customers expect Amazon-like experience from online brands. And that is only possible if you have the right tool, the right technology, and a solid back-office automation system in place. The brands that can provide such services will emerge as winners. Ezyslips provides the complete back-office automation system with 30+ carrier integrations. The one-click integration with Shopify enables:
      • Auto Import orders from your Shopify Store. 
      • Fulfilment automation
      • Automatic carrier selection
      • Return Pickups
      • Non-delivery report management
      Offer: 2000 Orders/Shipments free of cost with a validity of 90 days.
      How to avail the offer: Install the app on your Shopify store and then fill out your business details in this form to avail the offer.

      Printrove - Print-on-demand dropshipping and fulfilment  

      If you want to run a business that sells t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and other products without having to worry about inventory or machinery, Printrove offers print-on-demand drop shipping of custom products. They print and pack customized merchandise on-demand for brands and ship them directly to the customers under your brand name at zero upfront costs. The app has a one-click integration with Shopify that automatically pushes all your orders to Printrove. 

      Set up your online store to avail the offer

      Offer: Get 50% cash back upto 5000 INR extra credits on your first recharge while upgrading from Printrove’s Free plan to Business plan. Valid only once per Shopify store and once per merchant account. The credits will be provided in the merchant account as Printrove credits. (Printrove reserves the right to approve or reject any application.)

      How to avail the offer: Install the Printrove app on your Shopify store. Upgrade to the business plan by recharging your account with 5000 INR. Standard 5000 INR worth credits will be added to your Printrove account. To avail additional 5000 INR credits, please fill this form

      Customer support and engagement tools 

      1. Freshdesk - Provide support on order refund/cancellation 

      Once you open an online store, managing customer information and order details can get overwhelming. With one-click integration of Freshdesk with Shopify, you can easily see all your customer information including recent order details and even customer requests on one dashboard. You can also easily see the shipping and payment status against every order. Freshdesk also lets you address refund and cancellation requests from within the dashboard. 

      Set up your online store to avail the offer

      Offer: Get 3 months free on any Freshdesk plan. Save upto 20,000 INR. 

      How to avail the offer: Sign-up on this link with your Shopify store details. The Freshdesk team will contact you for a product demo, configuration and set up.  

      2. Freshchat - Live chat support to customers  

      A lot of online shoppers will visit your store but leave without making a purchase. Freshchat live chat tool helps you engage these shoppers using a chatbot. You can offer support to shoppers and help them make informed purchases, delivering a high satisfaction rate. 

      Offer: Get 3 months free on any Freshchat plan. Save upto 15,000 INR. 

      How to avail the offer: Sign-up on this link with your Shopify store details. The Freshchat team will contact you for a product demo, configuration and set up. 

      3. Whatsapp Chat, Share & Cart Recovery - Engage customers with WhatsApp messages

      Let shoppers share your products in their network and stay up-to-date with your ongoing deals and their order status on WhatsApp. With one-click integration with Shopify, the app offers a live WhatsApp chat option on your website, allowing users to share products with others on the chat app. You can also use the app to send automated order notifications. 

      Offer: Whatsapp Chat and Share feature lifetime free + Save upto 2000 INR with 3 months of free trial on the most premium plan. Automated WhatsApp messages will be charged. Offer valid for new users only. 

      How to avail the offer: Install the app on your Shopify store and Apply “SOFTPULSE90” code to avail 3 months free trial.

      4. Automated IVR call Verification for COD orders - Verify cash on delivery orders  

      A lot of your customers might request cash on delivery for the orders they place, but it’s important to ensure that they are not fake. With one-click integration to Shopify, you can automate your IVR call to verify COD orders using this app by Shipway. The order verification tag (COD verified, COD cancelled, etc) will be automatically updated on your Shopify store. Reduce your RTO expenses and operational costs with fraud COD detection. 

      Offer: Get 500 Free IVR calls worth 1000 INR. Offer valid for 3 months and is for new users only. 

      How to avail the offer: Install the app on your Shopify store and then fill out your business details in this form to avail the offer

      5. Thirdwatch - Reduce RTO and stop frauds  

      As more brands go online and consumers start to make purchases digitally, the chances of fraud increase too. Thirdwatch is an AI-powered offering that enables online sellers to prevent Return-To-Origin (RTO) fraud losses. The app’s AI engine evaluates every order in real-time and provides actionable results to weed out orders likely to result in RTO.

      Offer: 45 days free trial of Thirdwatch app. Offer valid for new users only. 

      How to avail the offer: Install the app on your Shopify store and then fill out your business details in this form to avail the offer. 

      6. Shipway - Advanced shipment and package tracking 

      Once you start taking orders on your store, it is important to keep your customers informed about the order status. This lets them know when they can expect the delivery of an order and plan their other purchases accordingly. 

      You can do this easily with Shipway. The app enables you to send order status notifications, shipment tracking and capture order reviews on successful delivery. 

      Offer: First 2000 shipments are FREE of cost (terms and conditions apply). Validity of 3 months. 

      How to avail the offer: Install the app on your Shopify store and then fill out your details in this form to avail the offer

      Lending services 

      Indifi - Online lending platform  

      With no collateral, minimum documentation, and availability of several top lenders, Indifi online eCommerce loans makes the whole process of acquiring a loan simple and quick. They offer loans that are customized based on your business’s current needs and the dynamic nature of online commerce businesses. 

      Set up your online store to avail the offer

      Offer: Exclusive 1% processing fees on loans for eCommerce businesses. Reach out to them to learn more about the eligibility criteria. (Standard processing fee rate is 3%.)

      How to avail the offer: Reach out to them by filling your details here

      1. StelCore - Cross border trade compliance

      Setting up an online store also comes with its set of legal compliances, especially if you’re partaking in cross-border trade. StelCore’s cross border trade compliance solution, bCompliance can help you understand applicable compliance requirements while exporting or importing into a specific country.

      bCompliance provides you with a holistic solution to keep you informed about every aspect of your store’s legal compliance — import procedures, product compliances (e,g, registration, certificates, test reports, HSN code, etc), and other related procedure on the products at destination market which you are willing to sale.

      You can also use the solution to better understand how products across the globe are priced so that you always provide your shoppers with the right price.

      Offer: Stelcore is providing Shopify merchants with the free subscription of the bCompliance tool to help you safely sell your products.

      How to avail the offer: You can avail the offer for your Shopify store and set up your legal compliance solution without too much hassle. Just create an account for the compliance tool through their admin dashboard and you’re set to use the solution!

      Learn from the experts for FREE

      Step 1:  Create your online store with Shopify 

      Step 2: Access the free Masterclass sessions listed below to start, scale and run your e-ccommerce business.

      1. Masterclass on email marketing by Shopify

      Learn about Email Marketing Strategies, best tips and tricks to get maximum engagement and conversions from every campaign for FREE. Follow this blog closely.  

      2. Masterclass on Post-COVID online store growth by Digital Vidya

      Refer to this comprehensive blueprint Shopify and Adyogi covered in the webinar hosted by Digital Vidya for getting first 100 sales on your online store with Facebook Marketing.

      3. Masterclass on setting up Analytics by RevTap 

      Having trouble understanding eCommerce analytics to earn more with store data? Sign up for RevTap’s free analytics masterclass to understand how to use your analytics and tap into revenue opportunities.

      4. Masterclass on getting your first 1000 sales by Adyogi

      Learn how to get your first 1000 sales once you launch your Shopify store in this FREE masterclass. 

      5. Masterclass on optimising digital ads by AdYogi

      Learn how to optimise digital ads and run effective paid marketing campaigns to get better ROI and tackle COVID-19 crisis in this FREE masterclass

      6. Masterclass on using web push notifications by PushOwl

      Learn how to grow your online e-commerce sales using Web-Push Notifications in this FREE masterclass.

      7. Masterclass on top 10 SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

      Learn how to avoid common SEO mistakes while running your online store in this FREE masterclass.

      More online learning programs designed for independent business owners, and for those preparing to make the leap can be found here

      Are you a technology or service provider partner that wants to be a part of our efforts to help businesses get back on track? Please fill this form and we will reach out to you

      PS. Did you know that when you're starting an online store, your logo factors in on your success? Read our complete guide on creating a logo using Hatchful by Shopify.



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