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For many, the most challenging part about marketing is knowing if you spent your time and money wisely. Even expert marketers are often left wondering: did email opens lead to sales? Where should I spend $100 right now to get my store noticed? It’s hard to run effective marketing campaigns without feedback.

Shopify wants to take some of the guesswork out of running a small business, and that includes making it simpler to market your store. Now when you log into Shopify, you’ll begin to see summary results from your recent, and most engaged marketing campaigns.

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To see results from your marketing efforts in Shopify, simply choose from this growing list of supported marketing apps. Once installed in your store, you’ll begin to see insights on what marketing is contributing to your store’s traffic and sales. Likewise and perhaps more importantly, which of your marketing efforts aren’t delivering results you expected.

Using Shopify’s integrated marketing apps, you’ll also see which orders are the result of which marketing activities, like email campaigns or Facebook ads.

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When you’re able to match up your marketing efforts to orders, you can double-down on efforts delivering results that work towards achieving your sales goals. Having these insights, you can better engage existing customers to return, and entice new customers to purchase from your store.

But why stop now? Here’s a few more ways to drive sales, and get started using the new marketing app integrations on Shopify.

Send better emails, helping you sell more.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most cost effective ways to engage customers and drive sales, and you can use MailChimp to keep your brand top of mind. Send personalized product recommendations to your customers based on past purchase behavior.

With email you can follow up with, delight, and re-engage your customers using MailChimp’s customer lifecycle automation workflows. MailChimp’s toolkit gives you the flexibility to customize and test content with Product Blocks and new features like Predicted Demographics can help you craft emails that are targeted and customized to your customer groups.

MailChimp continues to be one of Shopify’s most downloaded apps, and that’s why we’ve integrated this 5 star app in Shopify to help you deliver effective email marketing campaigns. Just look for the results of the campaign when you log in or on the order page itself if the sales is the result of a MailChimp email.

Tailor customer interactions to maximize sales.

Receiptful’s customized email receipts and Shoelace’s Facebook retargeting ads are just two of the most popular ways to tailor your interactions and matching customers with the right products.

Shoelace helps you reach high-quality shoppers, and encourages customers to return and purchase. Receiptful can assist with promoting discounts on customized email receipts to engage customers immediately after purchase.

Once you start seeing results from your marketing campaigns, you can share your most popular products via Outfy to promote efficiently across all social media platforms. Reducing time spent duplicating social postings across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will provide you more time to do other impactful marketing campaigns.

It’s always easier to get someone that knows and loves your product to buy from you again. Strengthening these customer relationships is a sure way to secure recurring and consistent sales. According to loyalty marketing app Swell, not only does it cost less to earn repeat customer sales, but they spend, on average, three to ten times more per transaction than first-time customers. With the help of Swell’s referral marketing programs you can reward customers for their purchases and motivate them to buy again.

Feel empowered. Work smarter, not harder.

Get ready for marketing to be fun again. Now that you see the impacts of your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to make better decision when it comes to spending money on marketing.

With these new insights in Shopify, it's now easier than ever to refine your marketing efforts. And over time, the sales goals you once thought of as out of reach, will soon be attained.

To see the full list of integrated marketing apps, visit the Shopify App Store.

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