How to Plan Ahead for Important Shopping Dates: Free 2014 Calendar


If you want to make 2014 your most profitable year yet as an online (or offline) retailer, then you need to be prepared and plan ahead.

To help you, we've put together our annual Important Shopping Dates calendar which highlights key holidays and shopping events throughout the year.

Keeping these dates in mind will help you strategically plan out sales and marketing campaigns and make sure that you're able to optimize for seasonal traffic spikes and create content that is timely and effective.

Preparing for Important Shopping Dates

Knowing important dates is one thing, but knowing when people start shopping for these events is another. Let's take Mother's Day for example. This year, it's on May 11th (don't forget!). If we use Google Trends, we can see that people actually start searching for Mother's Day gift ideas in March and April - well in advance of the actual day:

Preparing for Important Shopping Dates

How can you use this information to your advantage? For one, you can use it to inform your content marketing strategy. For example, you could create a blog post with the top ten Mother's Day gift ideas from your store. Or, there's email marketing. Every single one of the dates is a fantastic excuse to email your mailing list. 

Here's our annual Important Online Shopping Dates calendar to help you keep track of all your marketing events:

Preparing for Important Shopping Dates

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