Put Your Store at Your Fingertips With the Shopkey iOS Keyboard

Header image Shopkey iOS keyboard

Now you can keep your products literally at your fingertips with Shopkey, the new iOS keyboard app from Shopify.

Engage in the world of conversational commerce

When a potential customer messages you asking, “can you recommend a toy for my toddler?” or “do you have any new pumps in red?”, this is when commerce enters the personal context of everyday conversations. It’s the perfect chance to build trust with customers with a timely and thoughtful response recommending products you think they’ll love (and hopefully buy).

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When writing emails or chatting with customers over iMessage, Messenger and Snapchat, you can use Shopkey to easily direct customers straight to your product purchase page. Simply tap the world icon in your iPhone keyboard to bring up Shopkey’s searchable list of your products and select the item to include in your message.

Animation of Shopkey App on iPhone

Promote your products and track the results

Shopkey also helps you boost your marketing game. While Shopkey is a shortcut to promote your products on Facebook, Pinterest, and anywhere in between, it also lets you connect your marketing efforts to orders. Each time you share a product using Shopkey, a simple tracking tag (just your everyday UTM code) is automatically added into the link. With that in place, it means that when you're back in Shopify you'll be able to see which orders have come in from sharing on Facebook or chatting in Messenger. Based on what promotions worked best, you'll have the visibility you need to make future campaigns even more successful.

Stand out from the crowd with timely and personalized customer service

Instead of swiping to different apps to find product links on your phone, Shopkey makes it easy to make product recommendations without ever leaving a conversation. Spending more time helping customers have a memorable experience helps establish a personal connection that sets you apart as an approachable brand. With this timesaving app, you can provide essential encouragement to help customers discover what they're looking for, all from the convenience of your phone.

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