Introducing: Catalog 1.2


Since we released Catalog last month, its growth has been enormous. Already, over 20,000 people have installed our new iPad shopping app and it has a 4+ star rating in the Apple App Store.

Most importantly, Catalog is helping shoppers find Shopify merchants’ products. To date, there have been over 5 million product impressions! Also, over 23,000 new Shopify stores have been discovered through Catalog, and sales continue to grow.

Catalog 1.2

Catalog 1.2
Today we’re launching Catalog 1.2, an update that includes some exciting functionality many of you requested.

Here are some of the improvements:
  • We’ve added full cart functionality, so shoppers can now add multiple items to their shopping cart.
  • When Catalog is downloaded from a smart-banner, your store is automatically opened and your products will be displayed within the app.
  • Huge performance enhancements have increased page load speeds by 400%.
  • The ‘Products I Love’ page will now let users bookmark their favorite products.
  • Shopify merchants can now filter specific products and collections so they won’t be displayed in Catalog.
  • Download Catalog 1.2 here

Introducing: Catalog Manager

In addition to the features above, we have launched a free Shopify app called Catalog Manager. Right now Catalog Manager will allow merchants to hide specific products or collections from Catalog’s product display.

Introducing: Catalog Manager

In the future, Catalog Manager will be a central hub where Shopify merchants can customize how their store appears in Catalog – including fine grain customization like custom banners, colors, headers, and icons. Install Catalog Manager here.