Save Up To 20% Off Shopify Plans With Annual Billing

Save Up To 20% Off Shopify Plans With Annual Billing

We're excited to introduce a new annual billing option available to all Shopify store owners! In addition to the month-to-month billing that you're used to, you may now choose a one year subscription that will save you almost 10% off any of our current plans, or a two year subscription that will save you almost 20% off any of our current plans. 

Annual billing means you'll either pay once every year, or every two years for your Shopify plan. It's easy to switch over to annual billing, simply visit the "Account" section of your store admin, then click "Change your plan."

Save Up To 20% Off Shopify Plans With Annual Billing

Note: The annual fee does not include any applicable transaction fees. 

Along with annual billing we've introduced new Shopify plans. Your current plan and its pricing will not change unless you decide to switch to a new plan. You can use the "Change your plan" link to see what your current plan is and to pick a new one.  For all our current plans, check out our plans and pricing page. 



  • John
    March 07 2012, 01:10PM

    I’m not seeing the new plans, have they not actually rolled out yet, or am I missing some small changes to the same plans that were available?

  • Sascha
    March 07 2012, 02:11PM

    Same here

  • @Shopify Craig Miller
    Craig Miller
    March 07 2012, 02:35PM

    If you signed up for Shopify recently, then you may have already signed up in a new plan.

    Here is a list of the plans and their prices:

  • TUX
    March 08 2012, 02:33AM

    Shopify is still too expensive compared to competitors.

    You should drop your transaction fee and make some more features. (Have not seen many new features over the past year). In that case, Shopify, in my opinion be worth betting on.

  • Cherie
    March 08 2012, 03:16PM

    PLEASE add a feature to the checkout which allows customers to pay via ACH Check. Many of our customers prefer to do this plus it saves us quite a bit in credit card fees.

  • Rick
    March 08 2012, 05:02PM

    I don’t think I ever received my amazon $100 credit

  • david
    March 13 2012, 06:22AM

    Shopify is a solid product but I have to agree with many of the other statements…transaction fees should be reduced or eliminated and it would be helpful to be able to print pictures of the items we offer on our invoices/ pick tickets without paying for an extra app.

  • Heidi
    March 17 2012, 11:04AM

    Agree – transaction fees are too expensive and the free apps are worthless. Impossible to add on paid app subscriptions without dramatically raising costs for a business just starting out.

  • Jakob
    October 29 2013, 03:15AM

    Why does Shopify always ignores complaints? You don´t care or what?… INTEGRATE for FREE more functionality so we don´t need to spend 20 dollars for every APP in order to fullfill your lack of functions. Or drop the fee… you are a shame.

  • Michael
    November 27 2013, 01:37AM

    Agreed. The Shopify Apps charging monthly fees for half the functionality of a free Wordpress plugin is pure extortion.

    And it seems Shopify tacitly supports this types of overcharging by keeping its feature-set extremely basic.

    I’m seriously considering blogging about my experience with Shopify to share what I feel are Shopify’s short-comings and rip-off tactics.

  • Mary Alviar
    Mary Alviar
    September 18 2014, 06:00PM

    What is your annual price for shopify plans.

  • Joao Oliveira
    Joao Oliveira
    June 06 2016, 01:44PM

    If i subscribe the Shopify plan, plus the Lite plan for facebook, both for 1 year, do i get 10% discount on each?

  • Jason
    June 08 2016, 04:07PM

    Shopify, are you ignoring complaints? People are tired of overpaying for features by being forced to pay for add-ons that should essentially be free, and on top of that the transaction fees are too high. Shopify, you don’t have a “secret sauce”, it is very easy to jump ship and go to a competitor.

  • Fuckimuy
    August 11 2017, 08:37PM

    Just use wordpress you dumb assholes…
    With wordpress it will be much more cost-effective and you can add more domains without any additional plan.
    Shopify is just a ripoff…
    F**k you shopify!

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