10 High Impact Shopify Apps That Can Help You Sell More


The Shopify App Store is filled with hundreds of great apps that can help merchants streamline their day-to-day tasks, add brand new functionality to their store, and make it easier to run their business.

We often get asked which of those apps are the "best," but with so many different business needs and tastes, it's really impossible to say. However, there are some apps that can provide immense value for just about any business owner who uses them. We crawled through hundreds of listings to find the apps we thought could help the most businesses the fastest. 

Here are 10 high impact Shopify apps that can help you sell more.  


receiptful_shopify_app_blog“Receiptful generate[s] beautiful sales receipts that gets customers excited about their purchases.” - Fragrancebuy Canada

Receiptful makes it possible for Shopify store owners to customize the look of their receipts with personalized branding and additional functionality. Merchants can also incentivize future purchases with discount or free shipping codes.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

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Tidio Live Chat

tidio_chat_app_shopify_blog“[With Tidio Live Chat] we can chat instantly with our customers and give immediate answers and solutions to help with the sale.”Amavo

Tidio Live Chat adds a live chat window to your online store that connects to an app on your phone. Customers can ask questions about products and policies, and merchants can quickly provide answers. 

Here's why every store owner should use it:

  • Answering questions quickly can help prevent lost sales and lower bounce rates.
  • 24% of customers polled said they have used live chat, and 73% of them said they were happy with their live chat experience.
  • 46% of polled customers agreed live chat was the most efficient communication method.

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Exit Offers

exit_offers_shopify_app_blog“My favorite apps have been AfterShip, Review Companion and Exit Offers for the tremendous amount of sales generated after seeing the 5% off coupon.” - First Salute

Exit Offers presents a final offer to customers leaving your store. When a visitor’s mouse cursor leaves the window, Exit Offers can deliver a pop-up with a discount code in exchange for their email.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

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ALT Text

alt_text_app_shopify_blog“This is as easy as it gets folks! I am pretty challenged at store ops like this, but I did not have to do anything - the app does all the heavy lifting. So far so good!” - The Happy Vapor Company

Image alt-tags are an important part of getting indexed by Google, but remembering to name every image can be tough. ALT Text will crawl your online store for images and rename them to something Google can recognize, saving you time and helping you appear higher in search rankings.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

  • Simple way to optimize the alt-tags on your images.
  • Properly alt-tagged images appear higher on Google's search results.
  • Syncs daily to keep your newest images optimized.

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mcafee_app_shopify_blog“This app is a great way to show your customers your site is secure and trustworthy.” - Outside Guy Gear

Customers can be wary about who they give their credit card information to, so proving that your online store is safe and malware-free is a great way to establish trust. McAfee secure adds a small widget to your site that verifies your online store is safe and trustworthy.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

  • Some website badges have been shown to increase conversion rates by 30%.
  • Get weekly security screenings and show your customers you can keep their data safe.
  • Visitors spend more time interacting on sites with secure certification.

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Yotpo Reviews

yotpo_shopify_app_blog“With Yotpo we have been able to automatically get product reviews which were then shown directly on product pages. This has increased the trustworthiness of our shop.” - Just Spotted

Yotpo collects product reviews from your customers and displays them on your store. A few weeks after every purchase, customers will be sent an email asking them to rate and review your product. Customers can quickly leave their feedback in the email itself, which is then added directly to the relevant product page.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

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socialphotos_app_shopify_blog“This is a particularly great app for us because many of our customers post their Lucy & Co. products to social media.” - Lucy & Co.

Socialphotos scans Instagram for content related to your store and adds it to your product pages. In addition to your standard product images, customers will also be treated to user-generated content of your products being used by actual customers.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

  • Socialphotos says stores who use its app see a 5% sales lift and 9% conversion lift.
  • Instagram gives brands higher organic engagement than any other social platform.
  • Help new customers see your products in the real world. 

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getsocial_app_shopify_blog“First of all, this is a great app, or rather a collection of apps. It could easily boost the list of your social followers.” - TheRealDeal

GetSocial adds responsive social share buttons to your website, letting customers easily find and follow your social pages. Many of the most useful features are free, but business owners can also pay for some handy additional ones.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

  • Increase your social following and capture valuable email addresses.
  • More people are discovering products on social media than ever before.
  • Three sharing bars, a welcome bar, and custom Facebook shares are all free.

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Out of Stock

out_of_stock_app_shopify_blog“The Out of Stock app is exactly what our company needed to keep our customers notified on back in stock items.” - My Natural Haven

Out of Stock makes it possible for customers to pre-order your out-of-stock items. This is particularly helpful if your store see an influx of sales, causing you to quickly sell out of a product and miss out on additional revenue.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

  • Protect yourself from a loss of revenue due to sudden spikes in demand.
  • Sell products earlier by releasing them for pre-order.
  • Alert would-be buyers that items are re-stocked via email or SMS.

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retarget_app_shopify_blog“94% of our social referrals are from this app, and it requires absolutely no work. It's just common sense to install it.” - Madefair

RetargetApp captures non-converting store traffic and displays your products in their Facebook timeline using Facebook Dynamic Ads. RetargetApp makes Facebook advertising and customer retargeting simple and effective.

Here's why every store owner should use it:

  • Retargeting campaigns have a great ROI, usually returning $10 for every $1 spent.
  • Campaigns are managed by social media experts to maximize conversions.
  • Only pay a 10% commission on each campaign.

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Are you currently using any of the apps we listed above? Prefer an alternative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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