New Store Fridays - February 17, 2012

New Store Fridays - February 17, 2012

 New Store Fridays - February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012 - Each week we take a look at some of the new online stores that have recently launched on Shopify. It's a great way to get some inspiration for your own ecommerce site. It's also a great place to do some shopping!

Would you like to be included in the next New Store Friday? All you need to do is post a link to your awesome store in the comments of our New Store Fridays post on our Facebook page.

Products: High quality art prints from Poland.

Products: Ultra-premium tea store. Discover a better brew.


Products: A low profile, element proof carrying case for DSLR cameras.


Products: Let's dress up an have some fun!

The Olive

Products: Natural sensitive skin products with olive and African botanical.

Black Rooster

Products: We aspire to inspire. We strive for uniqueness. We follow the trends but lead with style.

Products: a loose leaf tea store specializing in directly sourcing all of our teas and teaware to ensure top quality.


Products: The Willow Creek Association Online Resource Store.

Products: Fitness technologies that assist and motiviate you to perform at your peak.


Products: Sydney based optometry business.


Products: Great iPad accessories.

Products: The onesies you wish you'd known about.


Products: Designer faucet and fixture site.

The Loved

Products: An innovative Toronto-based retailer committed to redefining what bridal and event dressing can be.

Products: Hockey stuff designed for fearless hockey girls.


Products: An eco-boutique featuring reusable water bottles, vegan and organic products.


  • Kigurumi
    February 17 2012, 01:12PM

    Looks like we’re in good company! Many thanks to Shopify for including us this week.

  • Mary Harrington
    Mary Harrington
    February 18 2012, 10:49AM

    Thanks for featuring Faucet Luxury. We put a lot of work in to it, so we’re very proud to be recognized by Shopify for our efforts.

  • josey jasen
    josey jasen
    February 21 2012, 01:54AM

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunihsne.

  • catherine johnson
    catherine johnson
    February 21 2012, 08:51PM

    thank you for feauring my store please inform me about new ideas for mr my shop.

  • Robbie Lockie
    Robbie Lockie
    March 31 2012, 04:49PM

    Many thanks for including us. Fond wishes
    The Olive Workshop Team

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