How to Get your Facebook Fans to Share Content

How to Get your Facebook Fans to Share Content


Facebook is one of the only places where people would rather be liked than loved. But while liking may build your numbers base, it’s sharing that gets you the love. It doesn't take much to get someone to click the 'like' button but aside from adding some glamour to your metrics and won't get you anywhere. If you produce quality content people want to share - they'll start to love you, and chances are they'll start to buy from you.

Here are five ways to get your fans to share your content:

1. Revamp Your Image & Video Strategy

A picture is worth a thousand words, goes the saying. Online, a picture actually may be all you need to get noticed. Post lots of pictures and videos, and when you do make sure they're unique, and provoke some kind of emotion. Obviously, online store owners should have an album that contains product images and each photo should link to the corresponding product page in your online store. But you should also have a 'behind the scenes' album that gives your Facebook friends a peek behind the curtains of your operation. Also be sure to create an album to house pictures of your customers wearing / using your merchandise. Do a call out on Facebook, Twitter, and your ecommerce blog to get your customers to submit their photo! 
With regard to video, YouTube isn't the only player out there. If you have a bunch of videos on your online store's YouTube account, be sure to post them on Facebook as well. People are shopping on Facebook more and more these days, so if you have ecommerce product videos (you should), don't contain them on only one site - get them on Facebook, post them on your blog, and Tweet to them as well. 

2. Post Trending Content 

Facebook loves timely content. Nobody wants to share yesterday's news today. Timely posts will get you shares, but keep in mind they don't have a long lifespan... often, they won't be relevant tomorrow, and certainly not 6 months from now. Make sure you post a mix of timely content and quality posts that will stand the test of time. Find out what's trending in your industry and comment on it. Say you're in the t-shirt business, go to a site like and type in t-shirt, or men's fashion. This free service will give you a list of what's trending in your industry. Share the news on your Facebook page, and add a little commentary to keep it interesting. 

3. Show Some Personality

A facebook post which only shares content is like an RSS reader – you can subscribe to it because of its news, but would you really want to interact with it? It's okay to keep your content short and to post often, but be sure to personalize your posts with quotes, thoughts, comments, and suggestions. They're called "Facebook Friends" for a reason - you want to treat your Facebook following as friends, so be personal with them! Bring them into your life a little, compliment them, ask for opinions, complain every now and then, go on a rant about something that bugs you (but keep it playful), and be yourself! 

4. Contests, Freebies, Polls

Who doesn't love free stuff? One of the best ways to get your Facebook fans to share content is to hold a contest. Start small as a proof of concept - perhaps something like "What's your favorite running shoe that we sell? We'll pick an answer at random and send you a free pair." If you get a good response you can up the ante. Polls are also a great way to strike up engagement and encourage sharing. Find something interesting to talk about (maybe it's a trending topic that you've discovered on Topsy), and ask for your audience's opinion. 


5. Sell on Facebook!

Traditionally, ecommerce merchants used Facebook only to drive traffic to their online store. But nowadays, people are shopping on Facebook more and more. Shopify store owners can easily sell their products on Facebook by using one of the apps in our Shopify App Store. Simply link Fliptabify, Beetailer, Wishpond, or Zibaba up to your Shopify store and you'll be able to make sales on Facebook within minutes.

Update: We're happy to bring you a new Shopify feature to sell directly on your Facebook page - Learn how to setup your Facebook Store.



  • Duncan Blair
    Duncan Blair
    April 04 2012, 12:49PM

    Thanks for mentioning us Mark. We have just totally revamped the Wishpond Social Store app ( for Facebook Timeline, and we think it is better than ever. Shopify users can set up their free store on Facebook in a couple of clicks, and less than 5 minutes.

    We have also recently launched another Facebook app for Shopify users, Wishpond Social Offers ( This allows Shopify users to quickly and easily create limited time special offers for Facebook fans, which drive sales & engagement.

    Thanks again for the mention!

    Duncan Blair
    Director of Marketing

  • Shawn Graham
    Shawn Graham
    April 04 2012, 01:20PM

    Great suggestions. To your point, EdgeRank (the algorithm Facebook uses to dictate when and for how long your status updates appear in news feeds), is designed to reward engagement. As it’s currently constructed, videos and photos trump text and shares and comments trump likes.

    Your goal for every status update is to get your followers to do something—the more they engage, the more that will impact your EdgeRank score.

    To be most effective, you need to be strategic. Build some weekly campaigns (like Shopify does with “New Store Fridays,” post third party content you think will be relevant to your audience, and use images to help tell your story.

    Experiment with different content to see what resonates with your audience. In most cases, a mix of questions, fun facts, and images will pique their interest.

    For more on EdgeRank, check out this handy dandy webinar from the folks at Argyle Social Lots of great insights.

  • Derek
    April 05 2012, 11:07PM

    For #2, you can always sign up for Google Alerts and get emailed on particular keywords as they happen (or get a daily digest like I get).

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    April 06 2012, 11:37AM

    Duncan: Woah – didn’t know you guys revamped the entire app for Timeline, that’s awesome. You guys at Wishpond do quick work!

    Shawn: I can’t thank you enough for continuously reading my articles, and better yet, leaving thoughtful and really useful comments. I’ve never heard of EdgeRank, but I’ve heard of Argyle Social – they do good stuff. I’ll check out the webinar! Thank you!

    Derek: Absolutely, that’s a must!

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