Shopify Store "Easy Daysies" on Dragons Den

If you tuned into Dragons Den last night, you may have noticed the Shopify store Easy Daysies was featured. Easy Daysies are magnetic schedules (to do lists) that help kids keep their day together. The founder, Elaine Comeau, taught Kindergarden up to Grade 5 and developed her product to use in the classroom. Eventually, it was clear that Easy Daysies could help parents teach their children about routine, responsibility, and self-discipline. It was a product she could sell. 

Elaine, her husband, and children went on to ask for $70,000 for 35%.  
If you've ever seen Dragons Den you know the "dragons" can be ruthless, so I won't ruin the video clip by saying any more. Enjoy:



  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn
    September 29 2011, 06:04PM

    WOW! Congratulations Elaine!

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