Getting Your Ecommerce Store Noticed by Bloggers


It’s no secret that traditional media is on the wayside and the influence of the great and all-mighty blogosphere is forever growing. A lot of tech companies these days would prefer to get in Mashable, TechCrunch or Gizmodo than the print edition of The New York Times. As Bob Dylan says, "The times, they are a changin," and quite literally in this regard. 

As an online store owner, it makes sense to get media attention online. The likeliness for someone to read about your product in print, go to a computer (or smartphone), search for your store, and finally make a purchase is a hassle. Get your gadget on Gizmodo, however, and there's a handy link that points directly to your store with the click of a button. 

Savvy business owners want to tap into the channel that will drive a lot of high quality traffic to their store, and if your main sales outlet is online, you should focus your efforts on the blogosphere. 

Here are 3 quick tips to help you get noticed by bloggers:

Step 1 

Familiarize yourself with your industry's online presence. If you sell t-shirts, for instance, check out the popular t-shirt and fashion blogs. Find out where your customers hangout online, which online news publications are covering topics in your industry, and which reporters are writing relevant articles.

Step 2

Immerse yourself in the online chatter. Leave comments on relavent blog posts, engage in debate, ask questions, give expert commentary, and build relationships with others in your industry (including the bloggers). You'd be surprised how many bloggers pay close attention to the comments section. 

Step 3

Make your pitch. But remember some of the high profile bloggers get hundreds (if not thousands) of e-mails a day. Keep it short, sweet and on topic. I suggest you include a screen shot of your product, a link to your site (obviously) and always thank them for their time. Most important: Tell them exactly why they should care. Be clear. Then, if you've properly completed step two, chances are the blogger already knows you and is far more likely to provide a response. But, if you don’t get a response, leave it be... bloggers will ignore your query at best, but there’s more than a few cases of public shaming/mocking after a store-owner or PR person was a little too persistent. 

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