A Special Shopify Blog for Tech Stuff

Not everyone knows this, but we've got a special blog for topics that are more on the techy/nerdy side. It's called The Shopify Technology Blog, and can be found >here. Or you can click on the marroon-ish coloured tab to the right that says TECHNOLOGY. 

Our new platform evangelist, Joey deVilla, better known as "The Accordion Guy" (because he carries around an accordion almost everywhere he goes), will be leading the editorial over there. He's got a wealth of knowledge and experience, and will be writing posts on a regular basis. 

Joey says, "Although the name of the blog is Technology, its scope will go beyond just plain tech. It'll cover stuff that I find interesting or useful, or hopefully both, and I hope you'll find what I post helpful, or at the very least, entertaining. That means I'm going to write about all sorts of things, such as:

  • Programming, in all sorts of languages, from the open source troika of Ruby/Python/PHP to "the most important programming language in the world (JavaScript) to The Empire's C# and Visual Basic to more esoteric stuff like GoErlang and Inform 7;
  • Building stuff on the Shopify platform, whether it's stores, apps or themes;
  • Design, both in the senses of building software that's easy to maintain and of building software and sites that are both easy to use and beautiful;
  • Work and business, whether you're looking for work, are freelance, have a Shopify store, run a startup -- and if so, do you run it like Genghis Khan? -- or work at a global corporation;
  • Techie life in the 21st century, where we walk around with Star Trek-inspired computers in our pockets."
Whether you consider yourself "tech savvy" or not, The Shopify Technology Blog is an awesome place to learn and be entertained! Enjoy!  


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