Search Advertising 101 - Your Guide to Google AdWords

Search Advertising 101 - Your Guide to Google AdWords


You’ve signed up for Shopify, built your store, and now you want to generate traffic and increase sales. One of the best ways to attract qualified visitors to your website is by using Google AdWords.  AdWords allows your online store to show up on Google when people search for your products.  

Shopify has partnered with Google to provide all new shops with $100 in Google Adwords credits. This means you can test out AdWords risk-free to see if it works for your business.  

How to Sign Up

  1. Sign in to Shopify and find your AdWords coupon code under the Promotions tab. Copy the coupon code.
  2. Click the AdWords link to sign up and verify your email address.  
  3. After your email address is verified, create your first campaign. Here are some tips:

Where to Start

It's easy to get overwhelmed before you learn all the nuances of search advertising. Here are a few suggestions on how to start your first campaign. 
  • Start with a small budget like $10-$20 per day.
  • Focus on one or two products or collections in your store.
  • Don't use advanced options just yet.
Once you have created your campaign, it will ask you to setup your first 'ad group'. Here's what works best:
  • Create a text ad. They are the easiest to create and test.
  • Use action words in your description. Words that you think potential customers would click on, like "Save 50% off retail. Buy today!"
  • Make sure the "Destination URL" brings you to the product or collection you are advertising, not just your store homepage.
  • Enter lots of keywords that potential customers would search for.  If you sell widgets, enter "Widget", "Blue Widget", "Buy Widget", "Cheap Widgets", and so on.
  • Finally enter your billing information. Remember to enter the Promotion Code that Shopify provided so that you get $100 in credit and can test out AdWords risk free.
After an hour or so, your ads show up on Google. Check to see how many clicks your getting and see if these clicks have resulted in any sales.  Over the next few days you should start advertising more products, test different advertising messages, and start using more of Google AdWords' more advanced settings.  Learn from what competitors and others in your industry are doing as well.  In our experience, testing and learning is the best approach to learning and mastering Google AdWords.
Sound too complex? Remember you can always ask for an an expert's help using Shopify's Experts.


  • ed mizzi
    ed mizzi
    December 26 2011, 04:48PM

    Hi, sounds like something I would like to do. ed mizzi

  • Test
    April 03 2012, 03:17PM

    I would recommend a larger daily budget.

  • Artyo
    December 07 2013, 01:05PM

    I can’t find it either. Is it still available?

  • melissa
    January 26 2014, 08:07PM

    I can’t find the promotions tab either.

  • Al
    March 27 2014, 04:46PM

    The promotions tab no longer exists, but you can find it under the ‘Discounts’ link from your Admin menu.

  • Sarah
    May 21 2014, 04:55AM

    Hi there,

    Are you fed up of Google for Adwords coupon code. Then have lots of new country specific Adwords coupon code.

  • Patrick
    June 13 2014, 04:07AM

    I get “not available in your region”
    im in Australia

  • Elizabeth
    June 20 2014, 09:53AM

    It says $100 free when you spend $25. That is not the offer that is presented on this page. I didn’t find that out until I claimed my code, which will now probably expire before I use it.

  • Laura
    July 02 2014, 04:37PM

    Mine doesn’t even come up with anything.
    I am also in Australia

  • Saci
    July 07 2014, 01:27AM

    I have signed up with SHOPIFY Starter and got my AdWord credit but when i am trying to set it up with Google I am getting an error message:
    “We’re sorry, you’re not eligible for this promotional code for the following reason: Your billing address doesn’t match the country or region specified in the offer details.”

    I can’t seem to find any details about the restriction on my region (Australia)
    Thank you

  • Eleanor
    July 21 2014, 11:13PM

    Hi guys,

    Also in Oz and had the same problem, it seems the code that gets auto-spat out is region specific to the US, but if you just email shopify they can give you the correct code for your region in no time at all. Hope that helps :)

    Blue Genie

  • Klaudia
    October 06 2014, 06:00AM

    I cant find anything like this in the discounts tab…

  • Hashtagwears
    November 03 2014, 09:18AM

    I am searching for the 100$ adword credit cannot find one..I am based in India and there is no promotions tab or discount

  • Soledad
    November 09 2014, 08:17PM

    I can not find my promotion for adwords. Thank you!

  • Mir
    November 19 2014, 06:00AM

    Can anyone reply, where can I find the SEO/ adwords credit on my page? Location : India

  • sachin
    October 29 2015, 10:49AM

    A great post for all noobs like me.
    I found a site(< a href=>THIS) which also states that they are offering free adwords credit of 100$ to everyone.

  • Kinnu
    December 10 2015, 04:07PM

    can someone help to find the SEO/adwords credits on my store page? Location: INDIA

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    Toledo Rosario Abalos
    June 20 2016, 03:04PM

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    Toledo Rosario Abalos
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    Rodrigo Munoz
    November 16 2016, 06:32AM

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    Toledo Rosario Abalos
    February 28 2017, 05:18AM

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  • Ana
    March 06 2018, 12:19PM

    I can’t find the promotions tab. Is it still available?

  • Dylan
    April 08 2018, 03:56AM

  • Husnain Murtaza
    Husnain Murtaza
    May 03 2018, 08:42AM

    Search Advertisements are basically based on matched keyword searched terms. This ability of Advertising attracts advertiser rather than any other advertisement method. Because related advertisement attracts visitors to click on ads.
    I also write an Article on this would love to hear your views. Thanks

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