Sell Products in Your Mobile App Using Shopify’s Mobile Buy SDK and Apple Pay


The new Shopify Mobile Buy SDK makes selling physical products through mobile apps easy. With just a few lines of code, you can add native buy buttons or embed a responsive online store into your app. Your app’s users can then securely checkout using either Apple Pay or their credit card.

This can be a great way to monetize an app. For example, GoldieBlox is using an early version of the Shopify Mobile Buy SDK to sell their toys in their GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine game.

Sell Products in Your Mobile App Using Shopify’s Mobile Buy SDK and Apple Pay

The Mobile Buy SDK connects your app directly with Shopify, so you don’t have to spend time integrating payment gateways or building out an order management backend. All orders, customers, and payments from your mobile app appear in Shopify, just like your other sales channels.

Start selling with a mobile app

The Mobile Buy SDK includes sample code you can use to turn your responsive online store into a mobile app that accepts Apple Pay. This is the quickest way for those with existing shops to make the transition to selling with a mobile app.

For advanced users, the Mobile Buy SDK gives you access to the broad set of ecommerce APIs provided by Shopify like product lists, cart management, and checkout. This lets you build a more native ecommerce experience into your app. 

Get started with the Mobile Buy SDK

This new SDK is designed to make it easy to integrate ecommerce into all types of mobile apps, and is included at no additional cost on all Shopify plans. Both the iOS and Android versions of the SDK are available today.

To get started, browse the documentation and download the zip file with sample applications. Once you're ready to use the SDK, either add the Mobile App sales channel to your existing Shopify account, or create a new Shopify account.

If you aren’t a developer but are interested in adding buy buttons or an online store to your mobile app, you should contact a Shopify Expert.