Turn Your Hobby into a Business

It started with a simple family recipe. Today, products from Jaswant’s Kitchen line the aisles of Whole Foods.

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Sell your homemade products online

Jaswant Kular just wanted her daughters to enjoy some traditional Indian cooking; their busy lives made that virtually impossible. So Jaswant started making cooking kits.

Soon, family and friends were asking for the kits too. Daughters Nimi and Simi joined in to help. From selling at local trade shows to organically growing ecommerce sales, the product had found an audience of raving fans. Fast forward to today and Jaswant’s Kitchen products line the shelves of grocery stores across Canada and the United States.

In this course, you’ll learn the steps the Kular family took to take their product from their home to an industrial kitchen, and their sales from one-on-one to an ecommerce empire.

For all Product Types

Learn how to source great products and materials from domestic and international suppliers.

Build a Brand and Website

See how to target a specific group of people who might be interested in purchasing your product.

Marketing on a Budget

Develop a plan for supporting customers and turning them into brand advocates.

Meet your instructors

The Kular Family

If you have a product that you’re ready to transform into a business, you’re in the right place. The Kular family will teach you how to start small and scale up your business no matter what industry or type of product you want to sell. If you are new to entrepreneurship, the Kulars’ authentic, approachable way of teaching will inspire you to get started, learn from mistakes and wins and ultimately transform your passion project into a money-making business.

Course outline

From homemade leather goods to handcrafted jewelry, this course is designed with all types of products in mind.

In each module, the Kulars highlight the important parts of the business that helped them scale, including brand building, SEO and a focus on customer satisfaction.


The Origin Story

Hear how Jaswant’s Kitchen got started and the steps they took to build their business plan.

Begin module one


Getting Feedback Early

Learn how to create a basic product and get it in front of customers early.

Begin module two


Building Your Brand

Brand your business and start building relationships with your audience.

Begin module three


Shipping Strategy 101

Create a fast, simple shipping strategy so customers get your product fast.

Begin module four


Generate Traffic to Your Shop

Grow your business with free and paid marketing strategies.

Begin module five


A Proven Launch Checklist

Get your launch checklist and work through all the steps you need to consider.

Begin module six

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“If you start with ten loyal customers who can’t stop talking about your company, it will turn to 100 customers and take off from there.”

from Mark Latham, Shopify Success Story, fromtheearthstore.com

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

This course has been designed for entrepreneurs who already have a product to sell. For example, you might already have a hobby like pottery or sewing. You might make leather goods for friends on the side, or you might really like making your own furniture. We’ve designed this course with the Kular family for all the makers and creators out there who have a product and are looking to build a business around it.

When does the course start?

Today. All Shopify Academy courses are on-demand so you can start your business education whenever you’re ready. We recommend making a regular schedule for yourself to stay on track but with the busy life of an entrepreneur, you can always pause you lesson and come back to it another time.

Is this just for food products?

No, the lessons shared in this course apply to any homemade good.

How much is the course?


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