To grow your email list is to grow your business.

Not every customer buys the first time they visit your store. In fact, few do.

As you grow your email list and build your audience, you give your business an owned channel to reach your customers and nurture a relationship with them. Whether it’s a newsletter announcing a new product or a thank you email after a purchase, email marketing is the most cost-effective communication and marketing channel for your business.

In this course, you’ll learn how to build an engaged email list and automate your email marketing campaigns for maximum impact on your bottom line.

5-Minute Setup

Select an email service provider and connect it to your shop in just a few steps.

Grow Your Email List

Get the tools and tactics you need to earn more subscribers and build your audience.

Quick Campaigns You Can Launch Today

Get your first emails sent before you finish this course.

Out-of-the-box Frameworks

Get the templates multi-million dollar brands use to convert subscribers into buyers.

Meet your instructor

Drew Sanocki

For the past 20 years, Drew has lived and breathed ecommerce.

In 2002, Drew launched his first ecommerce business, After growing the business to 7-figures in revenue, Drew sold it in 2008. Shortly after that, he partnered with a firm to buy Karmaloop, a $100 million streetwear apparel company. After just 18 months, he pulled the company out of bankruptcy and sold it. Today, Drew is the CEO of

While Drew is leading companies back to black, he continues his podcast and blog on marketing at

Course outline

In this course, Drew shares his experience launching and strategizing email marketing, including everything from first day setup to customer loyalty campaigns.

From tried and true templates to advanced automated frameworks, Drew opens the vault to share how he’s able to skyrocket sales with minimal spending.


Most Popular Ecommerce Emails

Prioritize the email campaigns that will leave the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Begin module one


Creating Your Welcome Series

Introduce your store and your brand to new visitors with a series of well-read welcome emails.

Begin module two


Optimizing Your Shopify Store for Email Marketing

Turn transactional emails into sales opportunities.

Begin module three


Strategies for Growing Your Email List

Discover the most effective ways to collect emails from visitors.

Begin module four


Evaluating Your Email Marketing Efforts

Understand the basics to email marketing analytics so you can improve every campaign.

Begin module five


Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

Get Drew’s tried and true email campaigns that he constantly returns to with every business he runs.

Begin module six

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“Just get started! Don’t be scared to make mistakes; mistakes in the beginning are a must to succeed.”

Dann Thorleifsson, Shopify Success Story,

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

The email marketing course is on-demand so you can start and pause anytime.

How much is the course?

Free! Shopify Academy has partnered with experienced instructors who have generously committed their time to helping grow entrepreneurship around the world.

Who is this course for?

This course starts at the basics and helps beginners get setup. If you’re already setup, you’ll want to start Module 2: Creating Your Welcome Series. If you’re fairly advanced, you may want to check out Module 6 where Drew shares his most advanced email strategies.

How much does email marketing cost?

Cost depends on the Email Service Provider (ESP) you select. There are a number of free apps in the Shopify App Store as well as a few paid ESPs that offer more functionality.

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